Abu Dhabi Food Delivery – What’s good to eat

When I talk about Abu Dhabi, people mostly want to know about the food. Bae and I don’t venture out too often–mostly because of the heat–so we often rely on delivery. (I promise to get out and write a review on the restaurants soon). Still, Abu Dhabi food delivery is an amazing way to be lazy and taste good food at the same time, so I’ve decided to review a few of our “go to” chains.

Let’s get the American ones out of the way first.


I can’t say that I enjoyed this at all. In The States, I only liked to eat the Spicy Italian sandwich, but they don’t sell pork in most restaurants out here for religious purposes. Therefore, my favorite sandwich is off the list. I eventually chose something else, and I remember stomaching it, so I didn’t return. Something was “different” about the way the sandwich tasted.

After two visits to Subway, I don’t eat there anymore.


If you know me, you probably can’t believe that I ate here. I haven’t had McDonald’s in over twelve years, and after eating it for three weeks, I remembered why. Their food is difficult to digest, even in Abu Dhabi.

We chose McDonald’s because our compound, Sheikha Wadeema, is new. Most drivers struggled finding our location, and we got tired of it.

Side note: the good folks of the UAE don’t have addresses. We use landmarks to determine our location. If a new complex pops up, drivers will know how to get near you, but not to you.

Whenever we needed to eat in 30 minutes (instead of 90), we would order McProcessed. Their app allows us to pin our location, which means we would get our food sooner.

Now, onto the real food!

Il Forno

This Italian restaurant got Kairo and Kalel to eat more food. I got pizza, and everyone else would order pasta.

Side story: Back in The States, Bae and I discovered some highly addictive organic pasta that is well worth the arm and leg that it cost. We surprised several visiting parents with the amazing quality of the Tomato and Basil. Their children licked their plates and arms when they reached the end of the plate. The stuff is high quality, m’kay!

Replacing Kairo and Kalel’s old pasta was a challenge, but Il Forno got it done. When they finished eating their ‘ghetti, the boys looked like they had murdered a village of fairies. #riptinkerbell

I enjoyed my pizza, and their spaghetti was nice, but (BE WARNED cuz it’s bout to get graphic) everyone’s poop started looking and sounding different. Kairo’s grunts were just painful to hear. Hilarious. But painful.

I would never show any embarrassing pictures of my little guy, but imagine this on a little person.


Biryani Pot

This ranks last in my Top Three. I like biryani, but it is so spicy. You have to be in the mood to have it.

Side note: They serve biryani in clay pots for an extra 4 AED, so I always get it. Being the minimalist that we now are, I have collected 5 of these pots and used them as our dishes. I’m serious. They’re great.

When I finally buy dishes, I’m going to use them for plants.

Il Caffe Di Roma

I don’t have much to say about them, but I needed them for coffee after going to bed after midnight repeatedly. With Kairo and Kalel screaming DADDY at 6:30 A.M., I needed a boost.

I only ordered their crepes, so I didn’t seem like I was too lazy to venture out and grab a cup myself, but I was too tired to drive without slamming into someone.

The coffee was great. It tasted like hot cocoa. The crepe…meh.

I ordered a sour cream crepe, but I should have known better. Their dairy tastes bitter to me. I refuse to eat yogurt out here. Kairo and Bae were the first to decline the yogurt. I judged them until I tried it for myself and oh my gosh…like no! (In my best Becky voice).

I threw away most of the crepe, which was hard for me because this place is expensive.

Shish Shawerma

This is my second favorite place to eat. They serve something known as shawarma, which is the most eaten food in the UAE. You’ll find a shawarma restaurant everywhere you go.

It can be served in something like a tortilla or pita bread. (I’m sure there are many variations, so please don’t go telling people what you just read.)

Mine had pickles, chicken, and fries inside. It doesn’t taste amazing or anything, but it’s not a heavy meal, and I get it for 10 AED or $2.70 at Shish Shawerma.


This is my joint! They also sell shawarma, but I’m not that big of a fan, so I went with the Street Sealed Bureks. It’s beef, bell peppers, onions with cheese inside of some baked bread. It comes with salsa and sour cream. I also ALWAYS get the cheesecake that comes with it. Check this: They put cheesecake inside of a mason jar. 

The cheesecake out here doesn’t taste that great because it’s different (or I haven’t found one that I like). The filling is fluffy for some odd reason. This is weird when I eat one on its own, but it’s great in a tiny little cup for some reason.

I can’t explain why I love their food.

All Done

Overall, I like the food that we eat, but you have to be in the mood for them. The only place I can eat regularly is Manoushe. Everything else requires a “mood,” especially Biryani Pot. Shish Shawerma doesn’t deliver, but they were close when we were at the hotel.

As I said, we’ll get out and try some actual restaurants soon.

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