Abu Dhabi is officially our new home

During my non-epic return [cue the music; cue the sparkle!] I promised to give a little bit of insight on our “big” move. On July 19th (the 18th in the US), my family and I discovered the power of 15-hour jet lag. That’s right! We flew from LAX to Abu Dhabi with two hungry and sleepy toddlers. Sarcastic yay!

Let’s start from the beginning

The send-off

We received a spectacular send-off before arriving in Abu Dhabi. First, a friend of mine let me house sit for her in El Segundo. We had so much fun seeing the city (though we feared for our lives because that city is…not diverse). Their back yard was AMAZING. They had so many fruits and vegetables! We even had a bonfire.

Kairo was so excited to roast marshmallows for the first time.

Then, my dad whipped out old photos and let my kids wear my old hat. We just talked and had a good time.

Poor kid. He didn’t know that he was so adorable that I considered eating him whole.

My wife attended her family reunion right before we left. I could tell that she was super happy to connect with people that she loved dearly. It was sweet seeing her interact with everyone.

Three generations at the lake!

Then, one of my close friends cooked the best steak I ever had in my life. He also made my wife This is black cod fish with scallops and cauliflower puree. Yeeeeeeah booooooi!







We later met up with two of our best friends that essentially gave our boys their first pool party. They had a blast.

He had fun with Auntie Whitney

All of this occurred over a few weeks. Good weeks filled with quality time.

Now, the ironic nature of this is that I never had such an eventful summer. These wicked people wanted to send us off with good warm feelings in our hearts. I wish we all put in more effort into creating this quality time regularly. Hashbrown lifegoals.

The Plane


LAX to Abu Dhabi International
See that glazed look in his eyes? HE WON”T SLEEP! Bedtime started when we got on!

Eventually, we made it to the plane where Kairo binged Paw Patrol for about 10 hours. He managed to sneak in a brief nap somehow–God forbid he close his eyes. He might miss a moment.


This addiction recently led to a Super Saiyan outburst, but that’s another story. I had no idea that a child would be willing to watch two episodes for so long. They must put some illegal substance in the music or something. I mean, this doode had cracked lips and a twitch when the show went off. I hear Paw Patrol ALL DAY LONG.

And don’t you judge me. Don’t you dare judge me for letting him watch this for so long. If you’ve NEVER been on a 15 hour flight with one child burning a hole in mommy’s lap and the other one refusing to sleep, DON’T YOU JUDGE.

Abu Dhabi

The Hotel

Novotel Abu Dhabi City ViewWe stayed at Novotel in Abu Dhabi.

What I loved most about the hotel was how we couldn’t afford it before. No, seriously. This hotel was way out of our budget. I have never been in something so nice for so long.

For so long.

So so long.

We were in a hotel for around ten days. I don’t know the exact number because I don’t want to recall LIVING in a hotel. We had no real refrigerator or sink, and we lived on take-out. But we couldn’t feed crap to the kids every day, so I learned how to master cooking with a kettle.

Still, Novotel was nice. The outside is another thing. I just avoided it.


We did go outside, but rarely. The country (the entire country–all corners and crevices) is so hot. Abu Dhabi city is very humid too. That means that you get outside and feel 115-degree weather with a humidity of 43%. The heat was so heavy (that’s the best word I got), I felt like I could just reach out and hold it. The heat felt like it was alive. I can’t explain it any better than that.

Before my we moved out this way, we always discussed having a new world for the kids to explore. I wanted to meet lots of people and to have a backyard where the kids could play and create. Then, I met the heat.

Despite the ungodly temperatures outside, I love exploring what’s around us.

The picture is when my wife realized we did it.

Bae: You see that sign?

Me: What sign.

Bae: That one behind you!

Me: Uh…Duh.

Bae: It’s written in a different language. How dope is that?

Me: Uh, yeah. Right! Hah. I know, right? (under my breath) I saw the sign.

Al Ain

Aloft Hotel

Abu Dhabi Al Ain Aloft Hotel
Happy birthday, mommy!

We left one hotel for the next. Aloft Hotel.

It was a great experience. My wife and son celebrated their birthdays there, but I’ll tell that story soon.

Bae learned that we would be placed in Al Ain, which is nice because it’s more family oriented. Now, we were locked in a new hotel for another week. This is before they gave us five days to find a home and move out.

The good: They pay for housing!

The bad: Five days? What? Like what?

The Roads

We started driving out here, which…heh…I now know fear.

The roads are littered with roundabouts. And having more roundabouts is the dopest thing ever because you don’t need traffic lights. This means that you’re never in traffic. But it also means that crazier drivers can scare the saint out of you.

It has its pros and cons, but for now, I like the roundabouts. My heart just pitter pats a little more with each turn.

Abu Dhabi – Al Ain – Our Home

Home Sweet Home

It was a bit stressful, especially for my over-controlling bae. (She’s does NOT like to be in the dark about her future.)

The house was incomplete the day before we moved in and filthy dirty when we got inside. Still, we love it. It has a place for the kids to play, fall down stairs, throw tantrums, hug, love, shout, scream, tickle, and potty train. Bae hooked up my locs over three long days, and we started making REAL meals on our electric cooker.

We have settled into our little villa and thoroughly enjoy our time here.

Stay Tuned

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our experiences. My next posts (spread across the week) will break down each of these individual events and more.

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    1. It’s very interesting and different. It’s not difficult at all, though. I’ve heard of people that do it without paying for anything.

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