Abu Dhabi Temperatures – How hot is Al Ain?

Abu Dhabi temperatures average 96°F (36°C) in August. At least, that’s what I found online. We, however, have not experienced such gentle weather. In fact, since we’ve landed in the United Arab Emirates, we haven’t experienced anything lower than 100°F (38°C). That’s an exaggeration. We get “cool” temperatures before 10 am.

You can read about our move to Abu Dhabi here.

Safety timeline

I like getting the kids outside, but Kairo has always struggled with the heat, even in Long Beach. Kalel can endure the temperatures better, but he sweats a lot. Not to mention, the sun makes him cry. He screams and laughs, but always gets teary-eyed.

In Abu Dhabi, I’ve struggled to keep them outside for longer than three hours.

Morning Abu Dhabi Temperatures

The kids normally wake up around 6 am. (I know. Lord bless me.) Kairo often wakes up earlier, but Kalel rarely sleeps beyond 7 am.

We tackle breakfast by 7:30 am, depending on how grumpy the kids are. Kali often says, “booboo,” near the end of his meal, so I’ve stopped eating with them. Changing both diapers means my meal will be cold when I return.

If I dump a diaper outside, I may catch a breeze that reminds me of LA for a fleeting moment. Then, I head back inside and face the music.

After I wipe tushies, brush teeth, and armor children in clothes that they will destroy within a matter of hours, I try to get them outside.

Around 8:45 am, the temperature is between 85°F and 88°F (29-31°C).

We stay outside until snack time, which is right when the boys are red and drained by the heat, 90-95°F (32-35°C).

After that, I pretend like the backyard or park doesn’t exist.

Read about our day outing at the Al Ain Zoo here. The temperature was 105°F (41°C).

Evening Abu Dhabi Temperatures

By eleven, Rhianna gets off stage, and Beyonce turns on the fire!

Beyonce is like Abu Dhabi temperatures

In August, noon temperatures would rise to 108°F (42°C) too often. By the way, this was a huge step down from the 115°F (46°C) July heat.

So, what’s hotter than Beyonce? The weather in Al Ain.

Evening/Night Abu Dhabi Temperatures

How do the days close?

Around ten o’clock, long after the kids were asleep, I could expect around 95°F (35°C).



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