Actively teaching toddlers new language skills

Teaching toddlers to use language is more challenging than teaching Middle School English. Now, that I’m home all day, I’m more conscious of this struggle. I am working to develop Kairo and Kalel academically, emotionally, and physically. Though I want them to be their very best, I also don’t want to waste time planning every day.

Know that I am proud of my laziness. Very.

I was never the type of teacher to spend days (hours or even minutes) on a lesson plan. My students regularly asked, “What are we learning today,” and I’d shrug. They thought it was a joke, but I was serious. I refused to go home and think about those children, so I waited until school started to plan.

I treated homework similarly when I was in high school. (Things that make you go hmm…)

My lazy method doesn’t work well with toddlers because I’m home with them all the time, and there is no test at the end of the year to measure their skills. Plus, toddlers don’t really “struggle” with much of anything. They advance and adapt, which makes them easy and challenging at the same time.

How I’m Teaching Toddlers

I still don’t plan. And I won’t, but I make sure to look for opportunities.

On October 1st, I let the kids practice the word “pour.” Why? Because I had water bottles and we needed to do something with them. I knew that they would get a good scream out of pouring water, so I used some key vocabulary.




Kairo later added “spilling,” reminding me that he’s a better teacher and the best student in the world.

I’m not planning anything and I won’t, but I do make sure that the kids have an opportunity to see and practice new vocabulary.

Side note: Don’t judge me or my babies. Kairo messed up his blue pajama pants and we needed a quick replacement. And Kalel is working on the skills. He’ll get there!

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