ADEC to ADEK – How the change affects our family

When interviewing my wife about her teaching experience (read it here), I mentioned that the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) merged with (or returned to) the Ministry of Education (MOE). As a result, a name changed occurred. Tiyaanah now “technically” works for A Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK). Because of this merger, her contract will change.


Initially, I applied to teach for MOE. They pay foreign teachers USD 5700 per month. (It’s important to know that we don’t get taxed while we’re out here. This factored into our decision.) After receiving my acceptance, I declined the offer. Many people living in the UAE mentioned that $5700 per month was not enough to do well or save.

Tiyaanah decided to apply for what was ADEC. They paid less but provided an 80,000 AED ($21780.56) housing allowance. Many MOE teachers have to take out loans, which I believe accumulates interest, to pay for housing.

Rent in the UAE is paid annually, not monthly.

When we arrived in Al Ain, we got a villa that costs 95,000 AED. ADEK managed to get the cost down to 85,000 AED, which means that we owe 5,000 AED.

Back to the now

Several thousand rumors are circulating about what will happen now that ADEK returned to MOE.

Teachers are very nervous people, and we tend to complain too much, so imagine reading entire forums of these people panicking.

The rumors include, but are not limited to:

  • ADEK teachers need to sign MOE contracts by June
  • ADEK teachers need to sign MOE contracts by December
    • Signing a December contract means that Bae’s present contract dies and she will have to teach until January 2019 to have completed her official “year.”
    • Not signing a contract by December means that her contract will only be honored until July, so we will have to leave
  • We may have to pay back our housing stipend
  • Nothing will change for three years

Living/working here is all about confusion. You can’t know everything at once, so patience is a virtue.

What are we considering?

  • We’ll likely be here for the next three years if nothing changes.
  • If the contracts change in December, we will resign and see if it’s possible to get out of the contract in July
  • If it changes in June, we will likely look for other work in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Something always manages to come along and sweep us off of our feet. For some strange reason, Bae and I live in the most unstable conditions (whether in America or overseas). Still, I’m not worried. We’ll deal with the issues when they arise. For now, I’m happy where we are, and I hope that we can continue to save and travel.

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