Adulthood – Why is being a grown up so hard

Adulthood creeps into your bones while you’re sleeping. In this phase of life, I have discovered mind-boggling bills, bizarre responsibilities, and imprisoning freedoms. Sometimes, I think life can’t be real. It’s almost like someone set the game mode to “HARD,” but we just need to hit that RESET button, and all will be well again.


Adulthood causes me to ask questions like:

Is this real?
Why would someone do that?
No seriously, but why?


Adulthood has stupid goals like obliterating student debt and purchasing a home.


Being a grownup means that you can’t just wake up and go to sleep when you want. Your body gives you that side-eye and says, “Listen, Bae. I’ve been with you a long time, and we just can’t play these games anymore. I need you to commit, okay? Let’s start with 10 PM and see where we go from here. Shh! It’s just a starting point.”

Life or Death

With adulthood, I hold lives in my hands. And I have to answer more questions:

Do I feed this child or just let him cry?

Who thought of this?

I don’t have an answer to that question. I’m just here, trying to get my grownup on. Sometimes I feel like a failure. When I don’t feel like a failure, I feel like a child.

If I ever act my age more often than not, do me a favor…

End me!

One thought on “Adulthood – Why is being a grown up so hard

  1. it’s hard because as children you rely on your parents to make those tough decisions and when you are an adult you have to make them yourself. Also, a lot of responsibilities are thrown on you such as debt, taxes, bills, ect. the only advice I have for you is to troop through it and continue to express yourself throughout your photography and your writing. good luck k.

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