Al Ain Toddlers – Making friends and having fun

Where are all of the Al Ain toddlers? Finding a friend for the boys is a challenge. We haven’t been in Al Ain for two months, so that’s to be expected. However, Kairo got a bit rowdy again a few weeks ago. He’d been trapped in a hotel and now he was trapped at home. After some reflection, Bae and I realized that he just needed friends.

The Hunt

We started with a Facebook search, joining all groups relating to parents. I’m in Al Ain Expat DadsADEC Husbands/Fellas 2017 NetworkingSheikha Wadeema Compound Al AinAl Ain Expats Parents Group, and Al Qattara – Junior Arts, Crafts and Music Time. I tried signing up for some playgroups, but you know brothers don’t get approved off credit too often.

After finding the groups, I reached out to parents, but I didn’t get much feedback. Most parents have met in person or know each other, so they aren’t willing to join the new creeper that claims he has two boys.

After that failure, we started considering making a drive to Little Gym in Dubai once per week. (Drive time: 1.5 hours. We were desperate to get these boys friends).

Have Patience

Yes, Kairo was screaming on a daily basis, but I had to find some patience. Tiyaanah signed him up for Kindermusik and the Arts, Crafts, and Music Time group. However, those are only once per week. I was getting anxious because Kairo was…

Before signing up for a weekly commitment to Dubai, I decided to look around Al Ain.

#holygrail #founditbruh

Fun City

Bae was roaming around Ace, doing what she does. Me being me, I got tired of waiting and started to tour the mall. Honestly, I was looking for some fun to have for myself, but I crossed Fun City.

This salesperson was pushing their new deal, 100 AED for 100 days.

I’m like…

I jumped on that train like it was the only ride out of Dodge. Toot toot! (Little did I know that the price was normally 30 AED per day. I came up!)


When Kairo saw Fun City, he danced more than that gif you’re still watching.

There’s an imagination kitchen to the left. Slides and tunnels are to the right.
Kairo likes to climb up to the top and look out of the window. Kalel isn’t allowed (the stairs are too narrow).
This bridge is huge. Another challenge for Kalel, but he takes his time with this one.
The boys bond so much here. They like going down the slides together or crashing.
Kairo is sailing around whales. His imagination has so much room to grow here.

Too much fun

The boys love their trips to Fun City. Other kids are there occasionally, but we normally have space all to ourselves. I wish they could play with the other kids, but a language barrier and cultural difference make this challenging. (Kairo and Kalel tend to be a little louder and more active than the others).

Ultimately, I didn’t meet my goal of getting the boys “friends” but toddlers like playing around kids more than anything. When Kairo runs into a new friend, he says hello and follows them until they run away. Then, he gets back to his brother.

Kalel can hang a lot more just after a few days here. His confidence and sense of self are growing, which helps him strengthen his bond with Kairo.

Ultimately, I did find them a friend…in one another. These are the only two Al Ain toddlers that we need for now.

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