Al Ain Villa – Living in Sheikha Wadeema Compound

The stank face debate is real

After twenty-two days trapped inside of Abu Dhabi hotels, my family finally managed to move into our Al Ain Villa. We found a three bedroom in Bida Bin Ammar.

Now, Bae doesn’t like to use the term “villa,” when describing our complex, but she hasn’t provided me with a better option either. She considers this compound an apartment/home/condo. Yes, she does include the slashes when she describes them. However, for the sake of simplicity–and, you know, correctiveness–I’ll refer to our Wadeema Compound as villas.

The deadline

If you read my previous post, you’ll know that we moved to Abu Dhabi and we had a little challenge getting our place. Let me explain why that is.

Bae works for Abu Dhabi Education Council or ADEC. ADEC normally provides teachers with housing, based on the number of family members. However, this year, they decided not to find the housing for us. Instead, they gave us a nice budget and said, “Good luck.”

We were told that we would receive a housing stipend “Within…a few days let’s say. Once we received the stipend, we would have five days to get out of the hotels. No. Once we got the stipend and our keys we would have five days to get out. No. We had ten days to get everything done. No. We needed to be out of the hotels by August 10th. No exception.”

Any of that sound confusing to you?

Yeah. Try living it.

That’s exactly what happened to us. Information was being thrown at us and changing daily, so we waited. There was no way that we were going to spend money that we didn’t have, so we waited.

The Search

We were staying in Aloft Hotels so we could see Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium Apartments from our window. These things were noice! Naturally, we wanted to stay there. This is because we’re lazy and because they were nice. But mostly because we were lazy.

Were we able to get the apartments? Of course not. We live in an Al Ain Villa. Did we want the apartments? Of course. But we got bullied out of them. No seriously.

No seriously.

We were one of the first people to get our stipend in Al Ain. Once bae read the email stating that she could retrieve her check, I said:

She seemed a bit hesitant.

After she hit me with “manana, manana,” I provided motivation.

This is how the scene played in my mind. I know better than to scream at a black woman.

When bae returned, I marched right on over to HBZ Apartments and told them that–

Them: “We’re full.”

Me: Say word?

Them: Bye Felicia.

The Hunt Begins

Al Ain Villa #1

I wanted a villa so the boys could have a backyard to run around, so we set out on a journey. We met with two different realtors. The first guy knew nothing about his properties. NOTHING. I liked him, though. Super kewl guy.

The first two villas that he showed me were already taken.

We drove around for 40 minutes searching for a property that was available. Then, he showed us a place with two kitchens. That’s right! I said two. Neither kitchen had space for a fridge and an oven together, so they would have to be at opposite ends of the house.

Still, I liked it. The yard was big enough for the boys.

Bae: […]

Al Ain Villa #2

We switched guys. He took us to this huge complex. Huge!

I loved it because there was enough room for Kairo to build his own fortress, but I couldn’t imagine taking care of a place this big. I mean, it had to have close to 3000 square feet, possibly more.

I was going to commit, but bae saw black dots everywhere. She thought they were rat droppings, though I assumed they were dirt. The realtor told us they were ants.

What did bae say?

Al Ain Villa #3

I don’t remember much about this one. It was nice and very spacious. It had a good yard space for the boys, but it was in a quiet community and we are very, VERY loud people.

Again, I was going to commit. But we had just learned about Wadeema lowering their 95,000 dirham price to fit our ADEC budget.

Al Ain Villa #Homelife

We decided on this community because there are a lot of expats that live here. We have two little boys and we need them to have friends, so we’re hoping to link up with the others soon. Not to mention, it’s just so pretty.

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