Al Ain Villa – Sheikha Wadeema Compound II

We moved into Sheikha Wadeema Compound in early August. Overall, our stay has been pleasant, but we’ve had our ups and downs. Right now, I should spend time ordering a smoke detector, but I can write a quick post first.

Sheikha Wadeema’s Good

Again, we enjoy our home. It’s a good place for the kids to terrorize. They run from room to room screaming and chasing one another. The kitchen is so large that they often have playful playfights.

Kairo especially loves the ability to run to his window in the morning and wave goodbye to mom. It makes the transition easier. (Kalel doesn’t care. If mom is leaving, no one should be happy. NO ONE.)

Their favorite area of the house is the backyard. We often open the gate and walk along the paved road, but sometimes we hang out and play with rocks. After they play, baths are required for all of us.

Sheikha Wadeema’s Bad

Things are good, but boy they get frustrating.

I previously mentioned the ant problem. That problem persists. I tried laying bait traps and grouting the entire house, but nothing is working so far.

There is also the water issue. Our water has shut off at least four times so far. Our electricity has fallen too. Everyone suffers simultaneously. We all post on the Facebook group, wondering if we’re the only ones without water or power.

However, I am the only one that smelled something burning every time we turned on the AC. Just this morning, Tiyaanah was praying on her way out of the house, hoping that we wouldn’t burn down because she saw a flash of light when ironing her clothes.

Later that day

I was annoyed by the smell emerging from the AC, especially in the kid’s room. I told myself that I would talk to security after making their lunch, but the lights in the kitchen were off. The refrigerator was out too.

So, I got the kids some shoes, and we hiked to the security post in the fantastic heat when the sun was at its peak. It was so hot that Kairo turned red within minutes. (My child overheats more than my old computer.)

I told the security guard (who handles the work orders) about a burning smell in the wall and his eyes went wide. He sent an electrician over immediately and well…

The crazy part is, I’ve experienced worse in our previous apartments/townhouse. Tiyaanah and I are very used to things going a little strange for us.

Still, if you’re deciding between Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium or Sheikha Wadeema Compound, I don’t recommend the latter. People at HBZ seem to enjoy their stay a little more. We have a lot of issues that need to be resolved, including maintenance workers that try to exploit us by charging for things that are free. But that’s another story for another day.

5 thoughts on “Al Ain Villa – Sheikha Wadeema Compound II

  1. That’s very scary especially the electricity box! Are there other townhouse/villa compounds with less issues? Having young children i ideally would like a townhouse/villa. Unless if there is a ground floor apartment with a garden lol

    1. There are plenty of villas, but I don’t know of too many that are in a community. Ground floor apartment with a garden would be AMAZING. Well…you’ll get the ants and flies (which I didn’t mention in this post). Still, I used to live on the ninth floor in Los Angeles with two kids and that was a huge headache.

      To find the villas, you’ll want to talk to a real estate agent. We used two different guys when we first arrived, but one was much better than the other. Leave a comment when you arrive and I’ll give you his contact.

      The places that he found had ants and some may have had rodents. This is just a problem that many of the villas face. I recommend that you join one of the Facebook groups and seek advice from people who have standalone villas. Ask how they go about getting maintenance for their place. Our staff…I don’t want to complain too much, but know that they can be slow to respond. Plus, our plumbing has a new problem every week.

      You’re taking a risk with any place unless you speak to someone who vouches for their compound. Just know that Wadeema is not a place that I would vouch for, though others may disagree.

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