Al Ain Zoo – An unforgetable experience

Our family decided to challenge the sun today and head to Al Ain Zoo. We had an incredible experience playing in the water, feeding the giraffes, and losing my wallet (found it, though)!

The Drive

This should have been an easy 15-minute drive from our place, but we were a hint confused. The main gates weren’t open, so we spiraled down a long, winding road (back and forth) for 15 additional minutes, trying to find the entrance. We nearly quit and headed to Dubai, but fortunately, we stuck it out.


We saw lots of gazelles. They are right behind the dark photo that we took below. The kids posed with their “cowboy hats” as Kairo labeled them. (By the way, Kalel lost his somehow! Harambe, it wasn’t your fault. These kids are crazy!)

Al Ain Zoo gazelles everywhereWater Play

The zoo has a Children’s Garden with lots to explore. Of course, the boys only wanted to play in the water. Kalel practiced his new favorite word, “Splash!”

Al Ain Zoo Splash

Kairo showed off his best dance moves for all of his friends.

Kairo dancing at the al ain zoo

Oh my giddiness GIRAFFES

We fed them. Yes, we did. YES. WE. DID.

The huge giraffe that we all kept feeding was a bully. His tongue was the longest, and he gently persuaded all of the others to stay back. I had to use some serious skill to get a carrot to the little guys.

And the security guard that filmed us was so cool. We had no idea that he was talking to the kids the entire time. He is the one that convinced us to do this in the first place. This experience was the one thing that we all remembered most about the Al Ain Zoo. So cool!

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