Alex Cross

If you’ve heard the name before, then you’ll be excited to know that Alex Cross has returned to the big screen. Oh wait. He’s being played by Tyler Perry. Uh…shit.

Yeah. It’s that bad. Alex Cross is a criminal psychologist fictional character written by James Patterson. The success of the novel speaks for itself. There are three films about it (Kiss the Girl, Along Came the Spider, and Alex Cross). The first two movies are played by Morgan Freeman, but somehow we’ve downgraded to Tyler Perry.

Don’t get me wrong, I was a fan of the drag queen when he originally began. I’m also proud to know that Tyler Perry is a successful African-American film maker. Yet, I hate him. He got rich by capitalizing on black exploitation, but that’s a topic for another day.

This website’s focus is centered around branding a story.

Think of the power and potential success of this movie. Not only is Alex Cross marketable, so is Tyler Perry. The man that once dressed as a woman in her 70s, is now playing an action hero. His name is actually more popular than his hilarious money maker, Madea.

Tyler Perry’s plays helped him become a successful direction, which ultimately made him known around the world. That’s what you want–to market yourself.

Writing Advice

When you create your next character, don’t just consider branding them, but the entire story. If there’s a way to include you in the manuscript, go for it. Don’t consider yourself arrogant or conceited if you do those things. (You will be both, but that’s not important). To sell tons of books, you have to make yourself known as a writer. If people Google your name, you should be first.

SEO Advice

If you’re name is generic, like Aaron Hall, consider creating a fictional name as a writer. Many actors do it, so you can too. Creating a fictional name that is spelled uniquely will help your search results. Fortunately, my real name, Kashif Ross, is quite rare. Try Googling me and see what you get.

Alex Cross (PG-13) Releases Oct. 19, 2012

Alex Cross finally meets someone that’s one step ahead of him, Michael Sullivan. The sadistic killer murders Cross’ wife in order to “send him a message”. Losing his cool, Cross hunts down the cereal killer for revenge.

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