Alone time with Kalel – This doesn’t happen often

Tiyaanah always talks about how much she wants to spend time with the boys in a one-on-one setting. She claims that being alone with each kid lets her see the depth of the individual’s personality. Though I previously mentioned that Kalel loves to clone his brother, I never really understood her point. I still don’t entirely. I think that Kalel expresses himself more whenever he is around Kairo. However, I recently got a chance to spend some alone time with my one-year-old, and I pretty much lost my mind.

In a good way.

alone time with my toddler

Before we even reached the porch, I felt a sense of joy overwhelm me. Kalel is an exceptional human being that is loving and considerate. He apologizes for trouble that he didn’t cause and cries if we’re too aggressive. He’s sensitive.

In a good way.

So when mom took Kairo to his weekly music class, I got time to hang out with Kalel. This was probably my first time alone with Kalel since he became a conscious toddler, capable of stringing sentences and walking.

I know that he usually looks for his mom after a nap, so I distracted him once he woke up.

Kalel: [looking for mommy] Hi, daddy.

Me: Want to go outside? Want to ride your bike?

Kalel: Yeah!

It was that simple. Getting Kairo out of the house requires surgical equipment and a Master’s of Child Psychology, but Kalel was down with a simple request.

We hit the beat immediately and took a walk around the complex. I didn’t do anything or say anything special. In fact, pushing that freakin’ bike is a struggle because he doesn’t know how to steer yet. But for some reason, I was just excited to be alone with one of the coolest kids in the world.

alone time with little one

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