I’m amazed at what stimulates a writer’s imagination

Much of what writers create is influenced by what we see and do. After analyzing how my son interacts with his imagination, I have come to realize that my imagination is directly impacted by what I experience.

A person that writes romance will agree that a writer’s work changes based on what we experience. A person that is promiscuous may write about being a player. Then again, a person who is a virgin may create stories that relate to their desires more than their actual experiences.

My imagination connects to my wants and desires.

Family Story time

How to stimulate imagination: After PP, Mom had Kairo draw what he watched.

Kairo loves his favorite show. He creates with it. He interacts with it. He discovers with it.

When we’re in his room, we drive his bed like a car or row it like a boat. After a few interactions, he wants to see the pups. He has to show them his art or tell them about his day. They are his friends.

Now, this is a little sad because we took him away from Los Angeles and he doesn’t have any friends out here. Therefore, he makes friends on the show that he watches and talks to them.

Still, he loves using his imagination and has fun when connecting to his “friends” in his alternate universe.

*My wife would like me to emphasize that Kairo referred to characters as his friends before we settled in Abu Dhabi.

**That wasn’t my point but whatevs!

Understanding Your Imagination

Good writing is all about understanding yourself. If you know what makes you angry or makes you happy, then you know how to stimulate emotions in your characters.

Great writing is all about showing and not telling. Readers don’t want a writer to explain how a character feels.

The pretty girl cried because she was sad.

That’s horrible. That is actual garbage that should be trashed. Hit the delete button if you ever write that sentence. Show me something:

She didn’t care what other people thought. Yesterday, today, and tommorrow were all the same. In the mirror, she could only see the ugly duckling afraid to open that door. So she bit her quivering lip until she drew blood. But she had to laugh at the sting that she felt when her tears and snot mixed with the blood.

People always ask how I can write so many novels. It’s easy! I use my imagination. I don’t try to create a world based on words. I sit and visualize that world, like my son and I do when we’re playing with Paw Patrol.

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