An Update For Barcode: Cavern of Youth

I’m currently editing Book 2 of the Barcode series.

I love writing. I really do. It takes my mind off things and lets me concentrate on my characters problems instead of my own. It’s an excellent way to avoid the real world.

But writing and editing are difficult. I write quickly and make a lot of mistakes. My editing normally carries on for months, both before and after I receive comments from my editor.

For this novel, Barcode: Cavern of Youth, I’ll actually have two editors. The first one is evaluating my novel from the perspective of someone who hasn’t read the first book. She’s helping with a lot of grammatical problems while still making the world friendly for readers. My world and “magic system” aren’t like other fantasies. I want to make sure people can understand them even if they did get everything from the first book.

My second editor will evaluate the novel from the perspective of a fan! She’s really into my story and enjoyed the first book. She made my characters’ voices stronger. I want to keep that special feeling from Book 1 so I’m making sure to send it back to her.

I’m currently editing the manuscript. I’ve edited out my most common mistakes and I’m now looking for issues in wording or unrealistic dialogue. I want this to be the strongest story possible. This is my first time writing a series and I don’t want to lose the few fans that I have. There’s only like five of you in the world right now.

I’m excited to finish this story and jump into writing the next two books in the series. I’m going to write them back to back and edit them over a longer period of time. I think one of the titles will be Barcode: New War Order, but I’m not sure about the book after that. So far, I believe there are 6 books total in my series. I’ll keep cranking them out in hopes that more people will read.

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