Another Thailand Flight with Toddlers

We had another Thailand flight with the boys. Though things ran more smoothly, our plane was delayed producing more chaos. Still, we leveled up and managed to transition the boys more smoothly.

Phuket Airport

Every airport is different. LAX, Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka, Bangkok, and Phuket. Nothing is the same.

The big difference in Phuket was walking through a metal detector when entering the airport. Fortunately, the lines were shorter, and the people were friendlier than they were anywhere else.

One woman was addicted to Kalel. She wouldn’t stop looking at him, but that was the best part. When I needed to fold the stroller, she was right there waiting.

Thailand flight toddlers and nice people

Just to be on time and make sure that we had food before leaving, I had to keep us on a boss schedule:

  • Wake at eight
  • Eat at nine
  • Taxi at ten
  • Airport at eleven
  • Depart at one

Only, I couldn’t control the flight, so we were delayed for over an hour. We managed to keep the boys stable until they landed in Bangkok. This was a huge improvement from our first adventure.


In Bangkok, we were able to use Uber again. It was convenient, and our driver was much safer than most yellow taxis. However, our ride took almost as long as our flight (90 minutes).

taxi after thailand flight

Mom and I kept the piece for some time. When I noticed Kairo slipping, I passed him my phone and let him play his Pinkfong Numbers game. However, he got frustrated and had a breakdown. The driver could only laugh at mom covering our toddler’s mouth to mute his screams.

Back to iCheck Inn Sathorn

Finally, we made it back to our hotel. Because we were more familiar with the country and area, I made a quick run to 7-Eleven and got the boys what they needed to eat.

Then, bae and I ordered from Uber Eats twice [clears throat].

Now, we’re washing/drying clothes so we can get out this evening to see more of the city. Honestly, we just need a place to drain the boys because we’re so tired of fighting these boys we probably would just stay in and hide in closets to stay away from these crazy toddlers.

thailand flight stir crazy

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