Anyone Can Write


It’s true. Anyone can put a pen to paper and develop a story. And honestly, it doesn’t take much skill long after to develop the story into a best seller. All you need is dedication.

In fact, anyone can do anything.

Sure. That’s the Flower Child thing to say, but dammit, I’m a hippie. I love the smell of the outdoors and believe that everyone is a genius in their own right.

So do whatever you feel inspires you.

Right now, you probably have a dream to develop the next Transformers or to write the next Hunger Games. You may want to be the next president of this violent country or you could simply want to have a loving family.

I don’t know what you desire, but it takes practice.

I spend most of my day writing. If I’m not writing, I’m watching a movie and analyzing it or editing a story. My life revolves around my passion. But that’s not enough to satisfy my thirst. It takes more than practice. Sometimes I need hope.

Every time I hear myself complaining, I inject positive thoughts about my hopes and dreams. I confirm my success and encourage my future and legacy. This brings a smile to my face and shakes the negativity off.

Encourage yourself and live your dream.

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