Are You Tired Of Reading Fantasies With The Same Boring Ending?

What’s the layout for a standard fantasy?

First it starts with a boy.

That boy is lost in the world and needs some direction because he’s a coward or a nerd. Let’s just say he’s weak.

Suddenly, that boy is told that he isn’t weak, but has some hidden ability, repressed by something or someone.

Some guru comes along to train him and he gains a lot of strength.

Ah…but the boy is too arrogant or has some character flaw that gets him into trouble. He does exactly what people told him not to do.

Where does that lead him? Someone dies or gets in trouble. He’s loses something valuable to him or he hurts a friend.

From there, he sulks and cries about it before remembering to be strong.

Then, he stands up to challenge the evil in his life.

In the end, he prevails and some silly girl still loves him.


I don’t want to be this guy that’s trying to get attention by changing my story a little. Sure, I could make the main character a girl and have a bunch of guys chasing after her that do all of the sparkling rescues, but that’s still the same premise.

I want to be this guy that kicks the assets off all the other competitors. I want a new story.

I am sick

I’m damn sick of this standard fantasy story. Do you know why Shakespeare was so popular, even in his time? He wrote that stuff. I mean that good and delicious tragedy that people ate and devoured. No one, and I mean no one wrote like him.

I look up to and envy this guy. His work has lent itself to many eyes for generations. People can’t stop reading him and he’s long gone.

He made tragedy a good thing. He made the hero die with a purpose. He got lazy at the end of his story and killed off every-damn-body and was praised for it.


We’ll only focus on Romeo and Juliet because I don’t feel like looking up names of other stories to refresh my memory. It’s been at least five years since my last read, Julius Caesar.

In R&J, both characters commit suicide right next to each other. Why? They could have easily waited ten more seconds to discover that the other wasn’t dead or just lived their worthless lives without each other. Instead, he proved that sometimes, love trumps all. We won’t hypothesize about how idiotic it is to die for love and how they would’ve had kids while being on the run from their families arguing about where their next meal will come from. No, let’s keep it at the facts. Anyone could have written a happier ending.

But he didn’t. Shakespeare made you laugh and love for the entire story before ripping your heart out.

I will not lie. I do the same in Barcode. Not only do I rip you heart, I spit on it by insulting the relationship that was built for an entire story.

Don’t ask why. It’s about life. I’m not writing to make you happy or for you to feel better at the end. The purpose of Barcode is to make you think about war and hatred. It’s meant to open your eyes about the way we treat people and love.

You don’t have to read the entire book to learn the final message. I’ll give it to you now:

Love isn’t what you think. It’s cold and unforgiving as much as it is warm and peaceful. Yet, love breaks lives and ruins emotional stability. It is fickle. The same person that builds you up can tear you down. There is no guarantee with love. You’re always guessing.

Oh! And just because you fought hard to love one person doesn’t mean that when you’re gone they’ll return the favor. Sometimes, things don’t work out the way we want.

Barcode is built on the premise that not every hero was meant for good. Sometimes, they become evil.

When you risk your life trying to save someone that won’t save themselves, you’ll find your heart turning bitter and cold. Read some comics, it even happens to Superman.

I want Barcode to be a bestseller, but I want it to reach people ready and willing to accept a different ending. Don’t expect perfection and don’t think that I rushed the ending. It is well thought out and calculated. I give you several warnings before you get to the end so don’t ignore them.

Even people that hate my ending have admitted that my writing is above average. If you’re looking for a good read and you want to try something new and different from the fairy tale listed at the top of this page, then join this journey. Barcode will be a series between five and six novels.

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