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Segway1 Writing 

Writing Advice – Extraordinary Average Day

Life is a reoccurring boring cycle day in and day out. Writers often create elaborate fantasies that don’t happen every day, right? Wrong. Life is filled with small moments that are much better anything on the Kardashians. Thing might be better when holding something as sexy as Kim Kardashian’s cakes (Kanye, I’m jealous. I hate you.) but there’s always something exciting to write about from your day to day experiences. Whether you’re writing a fiction or a biography, you need to learn how to choose the best moments. Story My wife and…

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Mad Scientist Writing 

Mad Scientist Makeover

My wicked wife has graciously encouraged me to make a wickedly rational purchase. I bought a new Wacom tablet because my other one broke. I was recently inspired by Mars to return to my more graphic and colorful website. Therefore, I will change my page over the next few days. From here on out, I’ll concentrate more on helping writers establish their web presence, format their novels, and manipulate their readers through mind control (it’s unethical, but I’m not really big on integrity). Now that I have a working tablet,…

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Hand_writing Writing 

Should You Write A Novel?

Is anyone considering writing a novel? I know there’s a lot of advice out there, but I’d love to speak with something that’s thinking about it. If you’re debating, but unsure if you should begin the process, I say try it. I’m not saying invest all of your time into completing the next Harry Potter, but consider writing the first chapter. I want to write a book, but where do I begin? Think of something you’re really into. Rock climbing, motorcycles, high speed chases in convertibles, having sex in an…

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111129_ROIPHE_angryCommenter Writing 

How To Edit A Novel

In my life, I’ve written six  novels: The State of Being Unmarried Not Quite Myself No Collar Criminals Barcode: Legend of Apollo Cavern of Youth New War Order (being edited) Though I’ve acquired a lot of experience over the years, I learned the most when I began the Barcode Series. It’s not just because I have to keep information in my head for each story or because I have to make each book in the series more interesting, it’s because of two editors: Roxanne and Julia. Roxanne and I fit together…

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Life__s_a_journey_by_vonStrago Writing 

Writing Life Experiences

When I was in undergrad, I was told that most graduate programs only accepted seasoned writers. They only wanted people 25 and older that had significant experience to back up their writing. My initial response was, “Oh hells no. Ageism will only divide us!” I was prepared to fight for my right to write. But I just let the topic go. I applied to some psychology programs and got over it. Years after graduating and doing nothing with my life, I reflected on this concept. Does experience really make you…

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Snoopy-typing-41510202051 Writing 

Writing For Work

Writing for a living is the easiest way to make your passion become a tedious task. The best quality of composition is the ability to control the who, what, when, where, and why. You are the cause and effect. Alpha and omega. You control every ounce of your prose. No one can tell you what to do. Yet, when writing is your job, your creativity is limited by The Man. Your editing is constantly under critique. You’re always under time constraints. When you’re frustrated, you can’t stop. If you need a…

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visualSched6 Writing 

Writing Schedule

When you’re a busy professional, how do you find time to work writing into your schedule? I don’t know if I’m bold enough to call myself a professional, but I work 9 hours per day. When I get home there are so many things to do. By the time I’m done, I generally feel the need to curl up with a sexy lady called sleep. This week, I’ve promised to find time to write and I will. For those of you that are suffering something similar, you may not be…

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Sexual Tension Writing 

Writing Sexual Tension

Gosh I’ve been trying to force myself to update this Human Sexuality section for so long, but I haven’t had the motivation to write (which should be my next blog post). Sexual Tension Why is it important in a story. Is it important? If you have romance, you need sexual tension. Being without it is like an action adventure script lacking thrill. This sensual concept is about building a lustful, yet endearing relationship. Most sexual tension comes through intensive arguments. A guy and girl are always fighting, probably because neither…

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rewrite Writing 

The Art of The Rewrite

I saw a quote today that went something like, “If it feels like I’m writing, I rewrite.” That’s pretty sound advice. My last few chapters of Barcode: New War Order were “meh.” The story was being forced. The scenes had rough transitions and I was thinking for my characters. The end was within sight and I could’ve easily finished before diving into editing, but it wasn’t right. I decided to trash the manuscript and start from scratch. I kept a few bits and pieces, especially lengthy explanations, but the rest is toast….

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TheScribeParis-042709 Writing 

With Age Comes Different Styles Of Writing

It took some time, but I eventually landed a job as a writer. But it wasn’t meant to be that way. The job description was an administrative assistant. Well, with my Masters degree *arrogantly clears throat* I should be more than qualified and easily get it, right? No. I was overqualified and not pretty enough for the front desk. Well, that’s what I was told in a nutshell. But after proving my worth, I got a job with the company. Because I had so many “skills”, I was told to…

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