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John-Locke_1926606c Writing 

The John Locke Method Of Writing

I recently read an interview with author John Locke. Out of everything he said, one thing stuck with me; Locke doesn’t plan his novels. He lets his readers do the planning for him. Sound strange? Not so much. Locke waits to hear feedback from his readers before making his next move. That way, he’s writing for his fans. That makes all the sense in the world, and it’s something that I do in my own way. When I wrote Barcode: Legend of Apollo, there were a lot of important things…

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flower and body language Writing 

The Significance of Body Language

Body language is one thing many writers take for granted. It’s also the reason that many people hate reading in first person. First person authors often write with historical or psychological information. Historical: Where did we come from? Who did this before? What happened yesterday? Psychological: Why I’m feeling this way. How my heart beats. What my tears feel like. Third person authors also miss out on great opportunities to capitalize on body language, but they write about it more often. Body language includes: Lack of eye contact. Sitting on…

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Barcode Cavern of Youth Cover 2 Writing 

Concept Art for Barcode: Cavern of Youth

It’s in! The artwork for Barcode: Cavern of Youth is finally here. I was so excited when I saw the concepts for Barcode: Legend of Apollo. Initially I assumed I couldn’t be surprised twice, but it happened. I love going to my Facebook and seeing the number “1” on my messages. I always know who it’s from. My cover art designer sends me regular updates about her process and asks a lot of questions. She’s pretty busy and doesn’t have time to read the novels. Because of that, we type…

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update Writing 

An Update For Barcode: Cavern of Youth

I’m currently editing Book 2 of the Barcode series. I love writing. I really do. It takes my mind off things and lets me concentrate on my characters problems instead of my own. It’s an excellent way to avoid the real world. But writing and editing are difficult. I write quickly and make a lot of mistakes. My editing normally carries on for months, both before and after I receive comments from my editor. For this novel, Barcode: Cavern of Youth, I’ll actually have two editors. The first one is…

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Chibi_Battle__Inu_vs__Sesshy_by_dissolved_oxygen Writing 

Where Stories Go Wrong

You ever read a story and get really into it? I mean, you’re starting to lose significant parts of your day because of this awesome goodness. Maybe it’s not a story but a TV show, animation, or some amazing movie. So you’re into this story and it’s great. You’re addicted and telling all of your friends about it, or planning to, but it goes South! Waaaay down low. My simple question is, don’t you hate that? I love anime and manga, but it’s so difficult for me to get into…

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Working the Machine Writing 

Deviating From Expectations

Over the past twenty-four hours, I’ve had two very interesting conversations. One, is in an online forum. The other was with my wife. Both are about expectations and completely unrelated. Online Forum I’m talking with someone I met from Twitter. I really respect his opinion because his discussions are well thought out. Yesterday, he said he hates when authors manipulate readers. He was referring to when authors kill characters for what seems like no reason at all. My Wife Background information: I have very strong opinions about our society. If…

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MV5BMTI3ODA5ODc0MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDM4MjYyMQ@@._V1 Writing 

Underwater The Fish Don’t Stink

Remember Bobby’s World? Awesome show. I ran across this clip after having a throwback moment. It got me to thinkin’, “What else don’t stink under water?” Your own work. Whether you’re a writer, artist, teacher, or driver–it doesn’t matter what you are–when you’re underwater, nothing you do stinks. I’m speaking a bit metaphorically. What I’m trying to say is, when no one sees your work, it’s the best thing in the world. But once you show it to others, you can finally see just how badly your project appears. Just…

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shutterstock_59784760 Writing 

I Almost Feared Success

I have a question that I’d like answered. Have you ever feared your own success? I work with children in an after school program. Interacting with elementary students has taught me one thing, they openly doubt themselves. Not enough of them hear how special and brilliant they are. They scream, “I can’t.” I say, “You can.” But they won’t believe me. That means, they don’t believe in themselves. Self doubt starts at a very young age and doesn’t often go away. The confident and daring friends I had as a…

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Draftsmanship Writing 


Draftsmanship is widely used in character design, but not something you’d often look to describe novel writing. It should be. In character design, you use drafts to better or “one up” a previous drawing. My old instructor would often say, “Push the pose,” or “make it pop.” That meant the first draft wasn’t good enough and needed more effort. I’ve never rushed a draft before until recently. Two months ago, I won a competition that provided me with a free editor. Now, here’s the funny thing, I didn’t know that’s…

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Be quiet, my friend. You can't tell my secrets. Writing 

When Did Writers Stop Talking About What They Know?

Is it me or do a lot of novels seem to do an excellent job at research, but a horrible job with creating the proper emotion? I notice a lot of authors are big on “research”. Great. I did a lot of research in my life, over ten years. It ranges from Molecular Oncology to Criminology, with a lot of various topics in between. The one thing I notice when I write an academic paper is a lack of passion. That’s obvious, right? Well if it’s so obvious, why do…

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