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You Need A Personality

If you want to become a great writer, you’ll need a personality to match with your skills. Sure, we all technically have a personality, but you know what I mean. Are you a boring person that stays in the library or plays online all day? Do you travel or engage in meaningful conversations? Are your meaningless conversations entertaining? Do you ever socialize with others or think of things on a deeper level? Have you studied psychology or any human behavior to improve your writing? Did you do things on the…

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The Process Of Hunting Down Reviewers

So you just wrote a book. Shouldn’t reviewers vigorously chase you down? They should want your book so badly to promote their own websites that they’re constantly emailing the best authors, trying to get early copies of their books, right? Wrong. The indie author game is so flooded with books, it’s actually disgusting. I’m slightly ashamed of myself for adding to the amazing amount of books that can be purchased for under five dollars. It’s crazy. For those that don’t know, attracting a reviewer can be down right annoying. I want people…

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Writing Makes Me Emotional

Sometimes, I write a scene that gives me all the feelings my characters have. I’m currently making a short novel to give away for free on Amazon, and I’m trying to jam pack it with emotion. It begins with hate, moves to love, and throws the reader into quick traumatic events. Two characters fight for love within three chapters. It’s making my own heart pound. I can’t explain the feelings I have when writing. It’s so theraputic. Regardless of what others think about the story or my skill, I’m enjoying…

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Is Self-Publishing Really The Solution?

I don’t have enough success in the self pub realm to really speak on this, but I do have an opinion. Barcode: Legend of Apollo has been on digital shelves for almost four weeks. During its first week, it rose to Hot New Releases. That was really a marketing plan invented by me. Though I couldn’t maintain the success, I was able to sell more in a week than some sell in their entire careers. And I’m not afraid of numbers either. In my first three days, I sold 65…

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Psychology of Human Sexuality

The reason I openly discuss human sexuality is because discussions stop ignorance. Verbal avoidance is the worst form of control, especially birth control. Thinking that not talking about one’s sexuality will stop others from being uncomfortable is a great way to repress urges and cause stress. Better yet it prevents us from informing others of things they didn’t know. Recently, I began chatting with a reviewer from Goodreads. Very mature person for the most part, but immature in a way as well. I was shocked when she told me she…

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One Character Fits All

One character solves all your problems. You know what I’m talking about. If not… Check this out: Don’t get me wrong. He’s my favorite actor, but how many times can someone write a movie that’s made just for him? We know he’s the calmest action hero ever. Denzel came out the womb a badass. He told his mom, “Hey…I’m hungry. Do something about it,” before looking at the doctor and saying, “You’ve got five seconds to put me in my mother’s hands. Five seconds before this whole place becomes my…

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Character Driven vs Plot Driven Stories

Honestly, I’m a bit nervous with this one. For the first time in my life, I’ve written a plot driven story. I actually outlined a novel that goes from point A to point B. It wasn’t my objective, but here’s why I did it. It was the second book in my series. I have a lot of characters and needed them to show up regularly. I had a word count limit of 100,000. The main characters is ridiculously smart and needs to see everything. Because of these things, I wanted…

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Vlog Review of Barcode: Legend of Apollo

I’ve had quite a few downloads of the novel so far and reviews are trickling in little by little. Fortunately, one reviewer managed to write some awesome stuff about my work and make a vlog. Sadly, she’s a bit sick in this video, but it provides her with an excuse for rambling about my characters’ insanity. Check this out then head over to Amazon and download the book for yourself:

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No Offense…But I Hate Authors (Ten Commandments of Review Requests)

Yes. I am a self-published author, but I’m a genuine person first, and I enjoy rules and regulations. I follow directions and my objective is to always be polite to someone doing me a favor. But you damn authors…Ugh! You disgust me. As authors, we need reviewers to check out our books and post them on websites. With the market so crowded with self-published novels, reviewers receive tons of requests from people that need to work harder on their manuscripts. They don’t invest in cover art, they don’t have editors,…

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