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What I’ve Learned From Screenplays

I wrote a screenplay recently. Immediately after completing my first one, I began a second. I’ve always tried to complete a screenplay before, but I was never able to commit. They’re very different than novels. Screenplays are blank canvases and novels are blank sidewalks. With a screenplay, a writer has to make art fit on a limited amount of space. Dialogue, scene descriptions, and character progression are all limited. You have to build relationships with only three lines in a scene. Less is more. With novels, there’s a lot more…

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2807100863_4878e36d73_z Life 

Long Time No Internet

So I haven’t visited my own site for quite some time. I actually forget that it exists at times. Then, I have little stalker children in my life that remind me. I don’t have much to write about. That’s a lie. Actually, I have enough to write a short story, but I have little time to write it. I just thought I’d leave a few updates for anyone who still visits this ancient relic of a website. Big Title: Updates I learned to fly. Another lie. But if Peter Pan…

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blackalchemy Yellow Diamond Hunter 

Black Alchemy Hero Quick Update

Book 2 of the Yellow Diamond Hunter series is in the works. I’ve actually had the dialogue written for at least three months, but I haven’t found time to add details to the story. After getting a Chromebook, I now have a little time each day to sit down and add a few hundred words to the page. I have no idea when I’ll be able to publish this book. I’m going to guess that it’ll be before April, which is a long time away. Unfortunately, some people will be…

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IMG_5647 - Edited Life 

Sharing Culture

A simple ‘truth’ just hit me with incredible weight. I just realized that my son may be raised in the middle class. This means that he and I will have different cultures and probably struggle to relate to each other. Most people may think, so what? Isn’t that a good thing? I can’t say that it is. I grew up somewhere between the working class and the working poor. My parents had stable jobs, but we always lived paycheck to paycheck, and they pulled a lot of payday loans to…

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drawing on paper by Laurie Lipton Life 

Bokanovsky’s Process and Technology

Community, Identity, Stability. That is the driving force behind the Bokanovsky Process. The Bokanovsky Process is a fictional human cloning process in “Brave New World.” It is described in detail in chapter one of the novel. The description is long and drawn out, so I’ll try to simplify it: 96 humans grow where only one grew before. The Bokanovsky Process is interesting because there are two fundamental parts to it: Hatcheries and Conditioning. The process mainly occurs in the Hatcheries Division–this is where embryos are manufactured, labeled, and predestined. However,…

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tylenol-infants-syringe1 Life 

Tylenol Shots

My little man had his 12 month checkup on Friday. The doctor asked if I was okay giving him all 6 vaccines at once. My reaction: I said he could have three of the six shots and we’d return for the other demonic potions at the end of the month. Smart move, right? [Clears throat] My son had a fever the next day. He also woke up with one this morning. Being the idiot that I am, I let him eat from my plate. With just four bites of an…

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graduated Life 

Bruh…They Graduated

Yes. This is my first time writing in 3 months. Let’s not pretend like I don’t disappear for long stretches. Why have I been so busy? My babies graduated. Two years ago, I began teaching English and History at Environmental Charter. (I always pretend like I wasn’t a History teacher because I hate the subject, but that’s another subject). As a 7th grade instructor I endured many challenges–mostly puberty. Our first year ended in a big success. My students went from averaging a 3rd grade reading level to a 6th….

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toomuch Writing 

How Much Is Too Much

How much is too much writing? I recently learned about an author that publishes a new book every other month. That is quite incredible. I struggle publishing two per year, and this guy claims that he can make six. Awesome. I commend this writer, but it wouldn’t work for me. My writing style requires a lot of editing. And I mean a lot! I generally write stories in two months and edit them in four or five. During this process, I find ways to make unique connections and change the story…

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admitting-you-re-a-jerk-is-the-first-step Life 

INTP – The Jerk Process

I love taking personality tests, especially Myer’s Briggs. People commonly mistake a personality test with a person’s personality, but the two don’t correlate. Actually, personality tests reveal how a person processes, not how they will behave. For example, I’m an INTP. In short, I’m optimistic, creative, spontaneous, great in a crisis, relaxed, stubborn, insensitive, private, easily bored, hate commitment, and I tend to indulge in dangerous behavior. Most people may scoff, “You? Optimistic?” Yes, haters. I’m actually quite positive, though I trash talk with the best of ’em. But that’s…

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Yellow Diamond Hunter Cover Yellow Diamond Hunter 


Normally, I feel accomplished when I complete a book. But this one was tough. I worked really hard on Yellow Diamond Hunter. This isn’t like the Barcode Series. The story structure is very particular and the editing is much more precise than it was in the past. I’m sure there are still mistakes that I will correct over time, but until I can afford professional editing, I’ll have to work with what I have. Yellow Diamond Hunter can be purchased on Amazon by clicking on the link. Please add a…

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