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IMG_1204 Life Writing 

What You Value

Values. They’re tricky little monsters. In the past, I valued sleep. Independence. Growth. Maturation. And an enhancement in my own skills–teaching and writing. After my son was born, I found those values shifting. Now, I value collaboration. Time. And laughter. Growth and maturation are two things I could never give up, but I try to find a balance. I don’t dedicate my life to writing for hours. I also dropped a nasty habit of researching. Google has been my friend for years, but we’re spending a lot less time together. When…

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perfect Life 

Perfect You

People actually use the improper definition of perfect. The dictionary defines perfect as: Conforming entirely to the description/definition an ideal type. Completion or excellence beyond practicality. Fitting the need of a certain situation/purpose. When describing perfection, we often look to being “flawless.” Yet, being without flaws is theoretically impossible. To be perfect is to learn from a flaw and make adjustments based on a particular situation. When I think of perfect, I can’t help but to think of my wife. There are many mistakes that we both make when raising our…

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Tomorrow Life 


Ever hear people talk about tomorrow as though it were today? I’m going to start working out… We should hang out… I need to stop smoking. This is my last pack, but… I’m going to give them a call… I’ll look up classes… In general, today is as good as tomorrow. Sometimes, we actually need to focus on tomorrow to get through today’s problems. But when it comes to your goals, aspirations, health, relationships, and overall well-being, today will always beat tomorrow.

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Joker Sublteties Writing 

Subtleties in Writing or Subtle Writing

Acting is all about subtleties. With the joker, it isn’t just about what he says, but how. Don’t focus on his lips, which are amazingly creepy. Look at his eyebrows at the end. Check the headshake. Most book to film adaptations do not “feel” right because most films cannot capture the tremendous emotion in novels within two hours. However, most great films, like the Dark Knight series, never become books because you cannot capture the subtleties in actors like Heath Ledger. But you can try. When writing, it is important…

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IMG953610 Life 


It’s official. I’m a daddy. My little man exited the womb last Friday at 3:54 pm. He gave his mom a hard time on the way out, but she had an extremely fast labor, so I’m happy. One of my close friends, Tracy, recently asked, “Are you ready to be a father?” To that, I had a very snarky reply. Now that my guy is by my side, I’m definitely ready. More than ever, I’m scared. I’m not afraid of taking care of him or the lack of sleep. I’m…

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avengers-movie-screencaps_com-1451 Writing 

The Makeup of Women

Malcolm Gladwell says that mastery in your specific field requires 10,000 hours of practice. I’ve practiced creative writing since I was in 8th grade, but I’m far from mastery. Still, as I continue to grow, I learn more about women. In writing, especially film, women are made to fit a certain mold. Even if a woman is in a role of power, she is placed into certain categories. A little box. She is stereotyped. First and foremost, she must be sexy. Lastly, she cannot have too much power. All women in…

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Are We There Yet

My wife recently complained about the number of questions that she gets every day, involving the birth of our son. She receives texts and calls hourly. People don’t seem to believe that we will tell them when our kid emerges from the womb. Kairo has not escaped the just yet, but he is due tomorrow. Still, I’m really proud of my little lady. She recently made a comment that was extremely uplifting. I hate when people say, ‘Are you ready to be a mother yet?’ I am a mother already. You may…

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1-zombie-anime-artistic-pictures-anime-manga Writing 

The Next Book and Series

After reaching 30,000 and 40,000 words respectively, I have finally stumbled across the proper formula for the next series. The working title of the next books was Exodus, but I decided to change that to World Above The Shadows. And the first title will be Sol of Ruby. Below, I’m going to list the plot summary for Sol of Ruby without giving too much away. The intent is to kill two birds with one stone. My cover artists need something clear that they can work around and I’m teaching Creative…

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Divergent Writing 

Plot and Divergent

I recently read Divergent, so I could have a conversation starter with one of my students. She tracked me down after the three day weekend to ask about my opinion of the reading. Honestly, I enjoyed it. I think Veronica Roth is a very solid storyteller. She does something that I want my students to learn. She uses simplicity. The story is super basic. There are no bells and whistles. Because almost everyone knows what this story is about, I’ll try to summarize in a short, sweet, and unique way….

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IMG_20121115_084118 Barcode 

Rank Your Top 10 Barcode Characters

I enjoyed writing my series for one reason: The characters. At times, I felt like crying with them or their anger boiled in my chest. I supported them fully in their endeavors and hated each villain that opposed them. At the same time, I enjoyed constructing villains with more noble intent than my protagonists. The series was fun to write overall. However, I want to rank the top ten and compare it to your list. Here are my favorite characters in order of least to greatest: Arnold Mishimoto Starting of…

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