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class-size Barcode 

Crazy Week

I began teaching English Language Arts and History this week to 71 seventh graders. Actually, I have reason to believe that there are at least two phantom students, so there may be 73. Now, it would be safe to say that teaching 75 students in two subjects is fairly normal. However, I only have two class periods. That’s right. I have nearly  forty students in each period. (Why is the number constantly increasing? Because that’s what happened to me during the week. I began the first day with 71 and…

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lupe-fiasco Music 

Lupe Fiasco Responds to Kendrick Lamar With SLR 2

I can’t recall how many times I’ve listened to SLR 2 within the past two hours. For those of you who live under a rock and don’t know what’s happening in Hip-Hop right now, let me give you a simple breakdown: Every rapper thinks they’re the “Best Rapper Alive.” In fact the BRA disease is a vicious infection that doctors have no cure for. Recently, a protege of the well known physician, Dr. Dre, has contracted the disease. The subject’s name is Kendrick Lamar. His BRA was exposed in a…

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House of Scorpion Books 

House of Scorpion

I recently read a great book that I’ll be using for my seventh graders, House of Scorpion. In short, the story is about the clone of a drug lord. The clone undergoes many challenges based on the discrimination he faces. Basically, people hate clones for various reasons. Therefore, they’re often treated as Negros from slavery days. At one point, the main character, Matt, is thrown into a room, told to crap in a bucket, treated like an animal, and verbally abused. The poor kid is in a prison within a…

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im-back Writing 


Phew! I’m back. You probably didn’t notice I was gone, but don’t worry…I forgive you. I’ve been in training for the past 5 weeks. I’m on my way to becoming an English/History teacher for 7th grade. Somehow, my training for this position averaged 15 hours per day. By the time I made it home I only had enough time to draw more lesson plans and sleep. What does this freetime mean? I’ll probably post a few vlogs of my experience over the past few weeks. Also, for any Apple Store…

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EyesThatKill Books 

Barcode: Eyes That Kill

It’s official. The fourth book to the Barcode Series has hit the Amazon market. For those of you that are caught up in the series, you know that Kode was last faced with an incredible task, challenging thousands of gladiators. Well, the time has come to see the results. Barcode: Eyes That Kill picks up right where New War Order left off. You won’t miss a blink. If you’re excited about action, you won’t have to worry about missing that either. There is no fade to black scene for anyone…

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jordan lebron Writing 

LeBrons and Jordans

Recently, I made a comment to someone. It’s difficult to describe in context, so let me summarize: Person A made a general comment, such as, “In order to be successful, you must create an emotional bond with your clients.” I responded, “That’s not true. I know a very successful leader that used respect and rule enforcement to guide his followers. Person B added, “That may be so, but how many LeBrons and Jordans are there in the world?” Person B is who I’d like to discuss. Though the gentleman is…

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Barcode Series Writing 

Final Book Of A Series

I learned a valuable lesson when writing a five book series: Don’t do it again. Though I love writing the Barcode series and I’m getting more fans every day, I’m dreading this last novel. Why? Pressure. The first four books of the series are very emotional novels. They use complex characters to draw the reader in. I also use tragic events to give the antagonists motivation for blood. Well, eventually all of that has to die down. I’ve decided to avoid the emotional appeal to give the readers a break….

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admitting-you-re-a-jerk-is-the-first-step Writing 

Am I The Only Jerk?

*Warning: This is an honest post, which have become rare for me. I’ve learned that friends and reviewers believe they “know me” after reading a post and try to provide insight. I’ve consciously avoided writing these posts (whether about my novels or about me) for the past two years due to sheer annoyance. But I could care less what people assume at the moment. Just being honest: Abstract When I was in high school, I learned the benefit of keeping my mouth shut. Funny, I actually acquired more friends by…

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men-vs-women Writing 

Translation of “We” in Marriage

As a writer, I understand the importance of language barriers. When my friends and family talk, I often find myself observing their mannerisms and analyzing their speech. This all plays a large role in my writing because with language, it’s not what you say but how you say it. For readers to understand the how, the writer must be clear and concise. You’d think these rules apply to marriage too, but they don’t. Couples rave about the importance of “communication” but we don’t realize its limits or functions. For example,…

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