Bangkok to Phuket Part 3 – Thai People

So, as you have previously read, we’ve had some bad moments. In Part 1, I mention our motivations for escaping Bangkok. Part 2 assaults the hotel that made me want to leave the country altogether. However, Part 3 will emphasize what makes us stay, Thai people.

Thai People


waiting for plane to leave bangkokIn Part 1, I mention the horrible experience at the airport. Unfolding and folding our two strollers, carrying the boys downstairs, and having now nowhere to sit sucked. Sure. But a few sweet things happened along the way.

First, a guy gave his bus seat to Tiyaanah so she could sit with the kids. Then, Kairo made a connection with an older Thai woman. She saw him later in Phuket at the baggage claims. After waving, Kairo rushed over to her and held her hand. She was so shocked that she turned to a friend and squealed.


Sira Grande Hotel and Spa escape

Sira Grande Hotel and Spa was even worse than the plane, but the Tuk Tuk drivers that saved us from that disgusting place were hilarious. The first driver lifted Kalel into his arms and carried him into the back of the vehicle. Another guy entertained Tiyaanah and me by talking about my hair.

Tuk: Your hair!

Me: [struggling with language barrier] Come again?! [laughing]

Tuk: Your hair! I like. I like.

Me: [finally listening] Yeah? Thank you. Thank you!

Tuk: Can I touch?

This is where black people normally lose themselves. However, I love cultural exchanges. This is how we learn.

Me: Hell yeah! [leans head forward]

Tuk: [pinches one of my locs] Bob Marley!

Me: [struggling] What was that?

Tuk: Bob Marley. I love Bob Marley.

Me: Me too. My dad loved him. That’s why my hair is like this.

Tuk: Yeah? I want my hair like that.

Me: Really? Your hair is so nice!

I wasn’t trying to disrespect locs. My hair is nice too, but it was the weakest compliment I could think of at the moment.


The tuk driver dropped us off at Novotel Vintage Hotel after accidentally taking us to the resort. He is the only drivethailand hotels give drinksr that got out to help us get down. He picked up both boys again and helped with luggage.


Novotel was even more amazing.

  • Because we used, we received a private room with air conditioning.
  • The receptionist brought in one pink lychee juices for each of us. (I lost my damn mind it was so refreshing, and I was so sweaty/stinky/stanking).
  • She let us wait in the private space until our room was ready (the most comfortable 45 minutes ever).
  • Then, she pushed Kairo’s stroller all the way to our room while giving us a tour.

Random Thai People

We weren’t just treated nicely by these people. People, in general, will stop what they are doing to greet the kids.

  • At Lumpini Park, one guy chased Tiyaanah down to walk beside Kairo. Then, when he met up with me, he spent time rubbing Kairo and Kalel’s head and hands.
  • A monk even played with Kairo’s curls.
  • The attendant at Novotel’s kid room hugged Kairo three times.
  • A hotel doorman (at a random hotel that we walked past) picked up Kalel and said, “I will take him home. Same face, right? Same face!”

Our kids have been kissed and hugged by countless people.

Seriously, I lost track in Bangkok.

Kairo initially rejected the love, but we brought our boys here for the people, not the place. We haven’t gotten around much because traveling with the kids is too complicated for two lazy parents.

Don’t believe me?

christmas day in phuketWe spent Christmas at the hotel pool! Right now, we’re watching cartoons and planning our next move.

We travel for self-improvement; not exploration.

I love sharing our experiences with friends and family, but I’m not trying to “prove” that we’re exploring the world because we’re not. To me, we’re a boring family that loves chilling in the hotel while playfighting and reading books.

This experience isn’t about posting pictures (though I have fun doing that) or checking off a bucket list of things to do. Tiyaanah and I are just trying to mold our boys into loving and worldly young men.


We forced Kairo to open up by telling him, “If you’re nice to people, you’ll get to watch Paw Patrol.”kairo at tree phuket

Tiyaanah heard a quote that ‘Parents are mob bosses that threaten and bribe.” That describes our parenting styles perfectly.

Because of our bribes, Kairo is starting to look like our baby again. He was a loving infant, but after waving and shouting at so many people that ignored him in Long Beach, his love died. Now, he’s back to who he was, and I love it.

Knowing that Kalel loves following in his big brother’s footsteps, we assumed that Kalel would do the same.

He did.

Now, both of our boys are stopping people to say hello. They are touching and hugging strangers. There is no ‘fear of rejection’ hovering above their heads.

And Al Ain is a very loving place too, so I know that when we head back home, the boys will have plenty of people to practice with. For now, our journey was worth the trip.

I love Thai people.

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