Bangkok to Phuket Part 1 – Lumpini and Airlines

When Tiyaanah and I planned our trip to Thailand, we intended to stay in Bangkok for our two-week stay. However, we quickly learned that the city could be too much for toddlers and decided to head over to Phuket (we received this advice from our Airbnb host).

The advice was solid. The trip wasn’t.

Please note: This is a three-part post. I don’t get much time to write, so I’m making up for all of it now. You can follow the links at the bottom of each page.


A better place

You may have read about our unfavorable Airbnb experience. We lucked out and found iCheck Inn Sathorn. This hotel was more similar to an apartment.


The boys had a separate room, which finally gave me a break and some time to enjoy talking and interacting with my fantastic bae.

Best of all, the boys had room to run around.

Boys running around iCheck Inn Sathorn Bangkok


Lumpini Park

We got the kids out to finally experience the country. First, we headed to the park. The boys explored many different landmarks. We even saw a Komodo dragon swimming in the lake.

After draining ourselves with a long walk, we took our first Tuk Tuk ride through the city. Tiyaanah and I loved it. The kids were horrified.

Bangkok Tuk Tuk

Insert evil laugh.

Though the experience was great, this was my big motivator to leave Bangkok. With only 2 hours spent outside, my lungs were burning. The pollution in the city is just like people say. Horrible.

Boys falls asleep in Bangkok taxi

The entire trip has been exhausting overall. However, we shared some beautiful moments. Mommy’s warmth has been a true savior. The boys wouldn’t rest without her.

Another flight

What the heck are we thinking?

So we take the kids to the airport. Load them into strollers and discover that the local Don Mueang Airport doesn’t believe in elevators. There are lifts, don’t get me wrong, but once you’re deep inside, you’re on your own. I saw elderly people getting out of wheelchairs to use the escalator. That’s how frustrating this place is.

Once again, we had to choose a flight between the kids’ feeding time, so they were horribly angry and so were we.

Our gate had no available seats, so Tiyaanah and I stood in a 15-minute boarding line, which led to a bus, which led to a plane. I tried feeding Kairo during this time, but people were cutting in front of us, so we had to fight two battles at once.

The plane (with our luck) left over an hour late.

Clean clouds over Phuket

Our flight was shorter than our wait on the plane.

So we ended up landing in Phuket at night essentially, which is what I wanted to avoid. The boys skipped lunch, snack, and dinner.

Imagine our plight. Just try with all of your strength to imagine two hungry toddlers.

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