Barcode: Demon of Gods Release

You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers.

When will DOG release?
The book is complete. When did I finish? Five minutes ago. I’m still formatting everything and making sure it’ll load properly on every website, but the editing is done…for the most part.

What the hell do you mean for the most part?
Let’s talk numbers. LOA was 95,000 words. That’s a damn large novel. You can actually claim to have a novel at 50,000 words. In perspective, Harry Potter’s smallest book was 75k and the largest was 250k. I just completed 171k. That should take at least 8 months to write and 5 months to edit. Bare minimum. However, it took me 6 months to write and I only had 1 month to edit. I edited full-time, as though it were my job. Therefore, I don’t expect to have found every flaw. It ain’t perfect, but it’s damn good writing.

You didn’t answer our question…When will DOG release?
Remove the stick from your rectum. I’m just waiting on the cover art. It can be ready as soon as tomorrow and as late as February 1st.

What’s the book about?
I don’t want people to know, so I’m being very vague this round. This novel is full of surprises, but here is the quick blurb that will tell you nothing that you want to know:

There aren’t too many ways to conclude a long lasting feud after one’s death, but Kode must pursue such a nightmare. In this finale, the last two books of the series are combined into one monstrous story as Kode navigates dual, interwoven netherworlds. This villain discovers new evils that exist deep within his nonexistent heart. While battling his inner demon, he struggles to return to Earth in order to fulfill his promise to Bailey. Unfortunately, that world may not exist.

What does the cover art look like?
I’m glad you asked. Here’s a little something.

Barcode Demon of Gods DOG Image 1

Keep your eyes glued to this website. I’ll update you once the novel is uploaded.

I need a break, folks.

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  1. Lol it felt like forever but the best things take time and this is no exception I know this is gonna be worth the wait and I cant wait till your next series u were talking about so for now I and everyone else have to wait

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