Barcode: Demon of Gods

If you’re seeing a new post from me, you know what that means.


You’ll notice that the description for the book is very short and I haven’t said a word about the plot. There are far too many twists this time. I can’t tell you what this is about, but don’t stop reading. I wrote this one to piss you off. You’re only punishing yourself if you stop early.


Side note:
Remember, these are books 5 and 6. Currently, you can only download the book from Amazon. Simon, your iTunes copy is already processing. I’m pretty sure you’re my only iTunes reader. Josh, thanks for the wait. Tracy, thanks for the help!

10 thoughts on “Barcode: Demon of Gods

    1. The next book will be a lot different. The protagonist will be Kode’s exact opposite. Expect a very different hero when I publish the next series.

    1. Quite a few people have grabbed the free books, but you’re the only one that has read ETK. I’ve never done marketing for iTunes. I should consider it.

      1. Just curious… The fonts keep changing from paragraph to paragraph… Is that what you intended?

        You should send me a prize for being your 1st iBooks reader 😉

        1. That’s not supposed to happen. I’m not sure what is causing that problem. They keep changing the submission rules for that publisher and it’s a pure headache. I’ll take a look at it and try fixing it this weekend. How annoying is it?

          I could probably send you a paperback of any book of your choice. Email me your addy.

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