Barcode: Eyes That Kill

It’s official. The fourth book to the Barcode Series has hit the Amazon market.

For those of you that are caught up in the series, you know that Kode was last faced with an incredible task, challenging thousands of gladiators. Well, the time has come to see the results.

Barcode: Eyes That Kill picks up right where New War Order left off. You won’t miss a blink. If you’re excited about action, you won’t have to worry about missing that either. There is no fade to black scene for anyone that challenges our super villain. Kode will square off against anyone that wants to cross blades. Unfortunately, that may lead him down a very destructive path.

Also, for those eager to see an evolution or retrogression of their favorite characters (e.g. Michelle, Seth, Richard, or Jamie) you won’t be disappointed. Many of these individuals take a serious stand. Also, many forgotten characters return and readers will learn more about the mysteries of the Colt family.

And if we’re talking about favorite characters, I guarantee that over 70% of readers will acquire a new favorite character. The young ladies introduced in this new story are active. That’s the only way to describe them. Active.

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24 thoughts on “Barcode: Eyes That Kill

    1. I agree I love this series its a amazing story and in all honesty it got me to actually read I’ve never been able to sit down and read a book until I read this series and now im dieing to read the next šŸ™‚

          1. Yessir! I’m shooting for December. I’m 32,000 words into the game and I have to get somewhere between 130k and 150k. This will be the longest book, so that means editing should take much longer. If I finish writing by mid-September, I’ll finish by Christmas. If I can scrape up a few dollars for an editor, I may finish earlier. But expect a product by Jan 2014 at the very latest.

          2. Sounds great im definitely gettin it I cant wait to c wats happens to kody and how he plains to come back and wats happens to his crew o man I cant wait šŸ˜€ o and great job on all the decrepitsion into everything its like im watching a movie in my head its amazing

          3. O and I’ve been diein to know is there a possibility of a manga to the series like I said I’ve been diein to know because u gave us a little taste of it in one so i was wondering if it was a possibility??? Please get back to me on this šŸ˜€

          4. I ramble on in a 15 minute video about where the Barcode Series is headed. You can find it here:

            But to answer you question, there will be no graphic novel for this series. The money I’d have to invest would be too far out of my budget. But I hope to make a more marketable young adult novel with my next series, Exxodus. If that series is successful, the following books will be graphic novels, but that could take up until 2016. I really work hard to create that movie in your head, but I would also love to create a manga in the future. Until I have the resources, you’re stuck with my words šŸ™‚

          5. Words r fine and I hope it goes well so u can make a manga o and do u have any other books besides barcodes out right now

          6. Nah. Only Barcode. Over the next five years, I plan to put up at least 3 new series, and I may start uploading some of my old writings on this website, but I don’t have anything out officially.

          1. I’ll write up something once I’m done, but I’m hoping to finish the first draft this weekend. The novel is LONG and I don’t know when I’ll find the time to finish editing. I’ve pushed the expected release back to the second week in January. I’m not sure how possible it is, but I’m trying! I definitely want this to be the most “thrilling” of the series and I may have pulled it off, but I won’t know until the reviews are out.

            Expect a post very soon!

          2. Well thank u for answerin me and I can’t wait for it I’ve been reading the hole series over and over again lol I just cant put it down cant wait for this book and the next book ur thinking of writing it was Exxodus right?

          3. Thank me? Thank YOU for being interested! The next series is definitely Exxodus. I have it outlined, but I never follow my outlines. Most of the story lives in my head and I plan to get that down by the summer. It may take a few months to edit that one because I want to place it in a higher price range and make it a higher quality read (you know, buying editors and crap).

            For now, I’m in a mad dash to make this story fulfil all of your reader desires. Just as a heads up, this last barcode novel should be nearly twice the length of the first. I was really torn between making it shorter or longer, but I assumed fans want more for the finale. I’m nervous about this one, but I’m adding as much action as possible to make up for it!

      1. Well im not worried about it cuz I think ur a great writer and my friend just from the books so far I say u have the talent to do this so dont sweat it ik this is gonna b a great book and as for Exxodus I just know its gonna b great and I look forward to reading it (well lets face it I’ve been dieing for this book šŸ™‚ lol)

    1. No. But I didn’t forget about you this time. When I published the novel, I JUST started working my new job and uploading to iTunes takes some time. My ridiculous month long training ends FRIDAY! You can expect it on iTunes two to three weeks after. Sorry for the delay, but I was thinking about you this entire time. I’ve just been working 15 hour days plus my work at home. I’ll get it to you ASAP.

    2. Just letting you know that my novel was finally accepted on 7/31, so possibly two more weeks for iTunes (I know I said two already). It could be up any time before then. Sorry for the delay, but it always takes extra time for that distributor.

    1. Sorry for the delayed reply. I’m getting my classroom set this week. Woot!

      Yes! Definitely. I’m planning a series called Exxodus. The spelling will change, but the concept will not. I’m going to take another stab at paranormal fantasy. I don’t feel like I capitalized on mythology in the current series. By that I mean, in the Barcode Series I used a lot of existing mythology, but this time I want to create my own history of gods, witches, dragons, and etc.

      Exxodus will have two main characters in two different books. I think I’m going with the names Sol and Bethany, but Beth’s name may change. Sol will have his own story and Beth will get hers. In the final book, both will come together.

      I’m going to leave as much detail as possible in Barcode’s final chapter. I’ll set up a mailing list to keep you all posted on changes.

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