Barcode: Eyes That Kill Sketches

While I’m working hard at editing Barcode: Eyes That Kill, my cover artists are giving me preliminary sketches for the cover designs. We’re fighting to put out a very strong product by May or June. We’ll also have Barcode: Demon of Gods (the final book) ready not long after.

For now, I want to show readers the early sketches of Kode and a new “love” interest known as Bailey. These are early, rough sketches, so don’t get too attached. And don’t judge them before seeing the color. Things really step up when color gets added on. I know the strong potential of these sketches because I’ve seen these excellent artists go to work. Stephanie “Sheep” Yang and Glynnis Koike are spectacular. I couldn’t ask for better designers.

Kode Eyes That Kill 1Bailey Eyes That Kill 2Bailey Eyes That Kill 1


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