Barcode: Eyes That Kill


It’s official. The cover art for Barcode: Eyes That Kill has been completed. The popping colors and intricate design sets a new standard for my novels. I was utterly shocked and amazed throughout the entire process. My artists, Stephanie Yang and Glynnis Koike, are stupid good. It’s that simple.

Each character had their own struggle. Bailey began as a very mature looking kid. Well, she’s supposed to look mature, but I wanted her to have a soft feel. However, I didn’t want to express that to Stephanie because I loved the initial sketches too much to change them. During the final lineup, the creative genius–Stephanie Yang–made minor adjustments to Bailey’s hair and everything came together.

Kode was such a pain. He was too frail, to small, to poor looking, not good looking enough, not ethnic enough, and didn’t have the swag. After one, simple complaint to Glynnis, she made this guy sexy. He maintained his dark nature while seeming relaxed. Kode is the killer I always imagined him to be.

After three books, I know it’s difficult for readers to imagine Kode. Many have created their own images in their minds. But this is the real Mr. Payne. He looks like a model that will smile while chopping your legs off. Then, he’ll whisper and tease, “Don’t worry. You never had a career in dance, anyway.”

Release date: June 15, 2013

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