Barcode: Legend of Apollo Second Edition

I’m currently working on a second edition to my first novel, Legend of Apollo. It’s a streamline version of the first novel.

After reading all my reviews and learning a bit more about branding and marketing, I realized that my novel isn’t at its best. Currently, the novel is at 116,000 words. (Actually, I’ve already begun chopping away at it so it’s around 111,000). That’s a problem. It’s too long for the average reader and there’s a lot of unnecessary information.

I recently had a discussion with another online marketing specialist and we discussed the problems with lengthy novels. Though they’re great for details, they run the risk of giving away too much.

In this streamline version of Legend of Apollo, I’m going to clarify many concepts that people deemed “confusing.” I’m also going to kill a lot of the internal dialogue. Readers are very intelligent. Authors have to know that their readers will figure out small details on their own. For example, I don’t need to say,

He shifted in his seat uncomfortably. “This is awkward,” he says while darting his eyes.

The statement is short, but overkill. It’s good enough to say,

He shifted in his seat awkwardly and darted his eyes.

That’s a very simplified example of what I’m doing with the second edition, but I am working on making things less repetitive. My goals are:

  • Make conversations more natural
  • Condense lengthy explanations
  • Explain confusing concepts
  • Get the novel between 70,000 and 90,000 words

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Barcode: Legend of Apollo Second Edition

  1. Good luck!! Condensing is a big task, but I’m sure you’re up to it. I have a question, though: can one dart one’s eyes? I think it is the eyes that do the darting.

    I’ll be looking for the second edition 🙂

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