Barcode: New War Order

Barcode: New War Order

How busy have I been with moving, writing a new novel, and studying for exams? So busy that I forgot to announce the latest book in the Barcode Series. Well, here you have it! Late as hell.

Barcode: New War Order. I took special pride in writing this novel for many reasons. Let’s list them off in bullet form because it makes crap easier to swim through:

  • Barcode: New War Order changed the way every book I write is formatted
  • This novel finally shows Kode’s weak points
  • The location isn’t central to Colt Arena, but shows the other half of ex-America
  • Jamie, Richard, and Angie get bigger spotlights


As I was reading the novel on my Kindle, a brick made of criticism smashed into my brain. When I picked it up, there was something written in chalk: YOU HAVE TOO MANY DAMN CHAPTERS. CUT THE CRAP DOWN.

Listening to the wise brick, I decided to rewrite Barcode: Legend of Apollo. I added an introductory chapter that warns people of Spencer’s death, which stops a lot of reviewers from whining, though I understand your grief. Then, I lengthened each chapter and created breaks within chapters to create a better flow.

After working on LOA, I skipped to Barcode: Cavern of Youth. I adjusted these chapters also.

Kode’s Weakness

When writing Kode as a mass manipulator in LOA and COY, I knew that making him a victim in New War Order would be important. Some people will probably hate seeing their favorite villain with so many emotions, but remember this is one part of a very large series.

Location. Location. Location.

Prepare to explore the world in this novel. I do my very best to give readers an idea of how different the west and east are in ex-America.


Most of this story highlights Angie and Kode’s history with Helios. However, Jamie gets some serious bonus points in this novel. Richard and Seth also have time to shine, but they will always be secondary characters.


I really hope you enjoy this novel. I only have a few reviews and could always use more. Not to mention, spreading the word through social media or any word of mouth fashion helps a bunch. I love seeing Twitter posts or receiving emails about how readers enjoy seeing the story come together.


To purchase Barcode: New War Order, click here.


Kode spent four years searching for the HATS, fighting battles that put his team members’ lives in danger. Now, he struggles to pursue his desire to avenge the mother that loved him and kill the one filled with hatred. But he hasn’t gotten any closer to his goals and his ceremonial bandages only make his day to day life more agonizing.

After finding a clue that could finally lead him to the device, Kode and Seth embark on a stealthy mission to challenge Helios’ men. The two run into more than just a few soldiers, but an entire army led by a traitorous Colt Council member.

Given the opportunity, Kode and Seth flee for safety, but they are hunted relentlessly by a plethora of new and old enemies. In order to save the life of his only living son, Blake sends the team to the one place they can find refuge until Kode can remove his bandages. Angie, Jamie, Kode, Richard, and Seth must live in a library located in Helios’ hometown of New York City.

When Kode opens his eyes to the severity of his situation, it’s too late. He’s surrounded by the familiar Swagger, the pretentious Cane, and the beautifully valiant Valerie Death. The codenames are just as mysterious as their omnipotent leader, Minister E.

The time for lies and games cannot last much longer. Angie and Kode’s relationship with Helios will finally be revealed and the team will learn that everything in the dark will be brought to light or dragged to the trenches of Tartarus.

4 thoughts on “Barcode: New War Order

  1. Great that you have a new book! I’ve read the first two, but I’m wondering when you’ll put the third on the Apple bookstore?

    1. -__- I was being lazy haha! I just uploaded NWO. It shouldn’t take more than 1-2 weeks to appear in the Apple Bookstore. Send me another message if not.

      By the way, it’s very rare that I can harass my readers. So…have you written me any reviews yet??? 😀 The more reviews I have, the faster I pump these bad boys out! (You can even leave a review on Amazon as long as you have an account). <--Something to consider. Seriously, thanks for reading. Woot!

  2. I’m not much of a reviewer though, but I’ll try and come up with something.

    I like your books, but I’m not exactly sure why. 🙂

    Anyways, I rated them all (on the apple store), and purchased your latest as well.. Hope you keep the stories coming!

    1. We’re in the same boat…I’m not sure why I write them haha!

      Thanks for the purchases. and sorry about NWO taking so long to upload.

      I’m editing the next book right now. You can look for it around May.

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