Barcode: The Cavern of Youth

I’m already working on my second novel in the Barcode series. I’ll get into that in one second, but first I’d like to talk about something I was debating on earlier.

When I really look at things, I almost don’t want to consider Barcode: Legend of Apollo a part of the series. Though the story is well developed and over 116,000 words, it’s about the beginning of the revolution. It doesn’t have much to do with the other stories. It’s about the way characters were before the war and how they’ll change after. My objective was to show all the major friends and enemies that will shock and thrill you in the next books.

I’m sure that will be an issue for some people, but in reality, it was the best possible way to introduce readers to the world. In the second novel, the main character is still arrogant, but he knows too much about the world. Having a confused character that was ignorant and foolish in the first book allowed a lot of things to be explained and provided opportunities for readers to understand what barcodes are and how they work. In Legend of Apollo, you’ll get more of the spiritual background and information.

In Cavern of Youth, there are hard facts. Though, as a reader, you’ll be able to decide what to believe in, your thoughts will be clouded by the ideologies of the main character.

So, what’s Cavern of Youth about? How long will it be?

The second novel will be shorter, a little over 100,000 words, but there’s a lot more to understand and unravel. I don’t want to give away too much, but the second novel sets up the next great war. One character will manage to cause every ruler to direct their attention to America, but that’s for book four. Right now, I’m working on building the team that will challenge the entire world’s ideologies and systems.

I’m currently working on my second to last love interest in the series. I’m experimenting with my first love rectangle and it has branches. I know that sounds weird, but love triangles are my thing. I adore pushing them to the extreme.

My only issue is, three is such a boring number. Therefore, I’m trying to see if I can manage six characters in the mix of one genuine relationship. Two of the people in the emotional orgy aren’t in love at all, but are connected. So far, this has been a difficult task, but I have to keep my romantic readers interested.

For those in love with action, don’t worry, the next scene I’m going to write is a test as well. I’m experimenting with a non-violent action chapter. There will be a small fight at the very end, but I want to see if I can get the reader’s heart racing from a race. We’ll see.

I hope that you’ve purchased Barcode: Legend of Apollo. I’ve had numerous people say that they’re enjoying the read so far. Please see for yourself. If you’re afraid of indie, even my harshest reviewer complimented our editing. Believe me, my team approached this adventure as professionals and would not let you down. I’m hoping we’ll go above and beyond for the next book. Only time will tell.

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