Barcode: The Hot New Release

I’m so excited. Thrilled.

The attention my novel has gotten has been magnificent. There are plenty of downloads, but only two reviews so far. I’m hoping to see more by this weekend.

So how did I do? You’re dying to know!

Let’s start with my overall ranking. Currently, I’m near #9,000. But this has been an up and down roller coaster ride. The highest overall rank I managed to receive in five days:


That’s right, #4,299. Not bad for a noob that doesn’t really have great marketing strategies. That’s my overall rank. In High Tech Science Fiction, I managed to top out at #29. Not too shabby.

As i started to decline, I began loosing a little bit of my enthusiasm. I was very happy to have done so well on my first novel in its first week, but the greatness seemed to be over. That was until a Twitter friend pointed this out.

Number 16 in Science Fiction’s Hot New Releases. I’m a hot new release folks, but it doesn’t end there.

Number three for hot new releases in my genre specific SciFi.

Unfortunately, I chose Fantasy General to describe my second genre. However, I later learned that my novel should be considered Urban Fantasy. That’s okay because I still managed to do something that seemed nearly impossible to me.

Fantasy has some serious competitors and I managed to get into #33 Hot New Releases. I was almost as surprised to see this as I was to see #3 in High Tech. This is wonderful news.

How’d I do this? Friends, family, and a lot of Facebook networking. I also advertised on Twitter and Goodreads. There’s no way I could do this without support. I’m so glad I have cyberspace to connect me to such wonderful people.

Well, it’s time to get ready for my real job. If you haven’t don so yet, purchase Barcode: The Legend of Apollo by clicking here.

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