Beautiful Video – Kairo and Kalel’s Life Journey

Today, Tiyaanah received a suggested video from her Google Assistant. The video strings together clips of the kids from Kairo’s birth to our move to Abu Dhabi. (Though, the video mostly focuses on Kairo). Seeing my kids’ life journey is surreal. The boys have been on Earth for a very short amount of time, but they have a dynamic impact our lives. They motivate us to maintain an open-mind, to have patience, and maintain intentionality. Even more, they give us a reason to smile every day.

Life Journey

Things to note

  • Kairo was a feisty baby that helped us earn our “tiger stripes”
  • That kid refused to sleep (and still does), so we used swings a lot
  • Kairo’s first laugh is in this video
  • Kalel took his first steps in Abu Dhabi

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