Bitter Sweet Tears of Painful Joy – DOG Complete!


See that minion? That’s how I feel whenever I think about the number of pages I have to edit for my final novel, Demon of Gods.

I was supposed to finish that damn novel on November first. What happened? When I got to that time, I had 100,000 words, as I should have. However, this damn story stretched far…FAR beyond that.

How far?

199010 WordsYou’d have to enlarge that image to see the exact number, but this badboy says 191,000. Yeah. This novel is currently over twice the length of Barcode: Legend of Apollo.

This story has two novels in it. But the funny part is, a novel’s standard length is 50,000 words. What the hell was I thinking?

I have to admit, this was a pretty bad idea for a novel. However, I’d never concluded a series before and there was just no other way to do it right.

So…the editing process. I have two options:

I can deep edit the hell out of this and post it for $3.99. Or I can edit it just enough to make it pretty and leave it for $2.99. I know a dollar doesn’t sound like much, but a dollar is a huge difference in the quality of a novel.

If my stories were between 50 and 70k, I would actually charge $0.99. However, the price is upped because of the amount of time I spend writing them. I almost write and edit two novels every time I produce a new story, so I charge more.

Get Ready

I’m planning to edit the hell out of this novel over Christmas Break. I hope to have it up and ready by the second week in January. I want to chop it down in size. The ideal length is 150k, but I will only force myself to cut it to 180k.

There’s a lot of unnecessary scenes in this story. I’m sure people will enjoy them, but I don’t want this story to drag out. There’s a lot going on and you don’t need any additional confusion.

What Am I Concerned About?

The conclusion. The final chapter is wicked long and has exceptional fight scenes. The fights make up 70% of that badboy. However, there’s no big resolution to this story. Things have been wrapping up for some time, and this ending isn’t meant to act as a surprise. There are no more twists to throw you off. There’s a simple yes or no at the end. Win or lose.

Readers finally get the chance to love me forever or hate me for making them suffer through five books for this ending. [Insert evil laugh].

I also have a concern about the direction I send the story. I intentionally made it to anger you advent readers. I hope I boil your blood once more.

Look out for updates on Barcode: Demon of Gods

9 thoughts on “Bitter Sweet Tears of Painful Joy – DOG Complete!

  1. Edit it all you want, aslong as you put out the extended directors cut.later its all good lol.

    And i don’t care if you charge 50 bucks for this one its been worth the wait.

    Ps you beter not have killed Richard lol

    1. Cover art gets costly and the process is timely. So the less books I have to produce, the better it is for me and fans. I’m actually on track to get this done by mid-January. I was just looking at the timeline now. I’ve edited 30% of the novel thus far, so I’m making good time. At latest, they’ll see the novel on Amazon by February and you’ll get your iTunes copy 3-4 weeks after. I’ll be swift this time!

      Also, based on the way it’s written, the stories flow as one. If I chopped book 5 in half…you’d kill me. I kid you not, you’d hunt me down.

    1. Whoa. You got through all give in a month. I’m really glad that you enjoyed them. Thanks for supporting the series. Actually, writing Richard’s action scenes were some of my favorite. He had a very unique fighting style and felt heroic.

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