Black Alchemy Hero Quick Update

Book 2 of the Yellow Diamond Hunter series is in the works. I’ve actually had the dialogue written for at least three months, but I haven’t found time to add details to the story. After getting a Chromebook, I now have a little time each day to sit down and add a few hundred words to the page.

I have no idea when I’ll be able to publish this book. I’m going to guess that it’ll be before April, which is a long time away. Unfortunately, some people will be really upset with this story. It will be the least edited novel that I’ve ever written. I just don’t have time to spend editing anymore, and I definitely don’t have the finances. With a second kid on the way and daycare robbing my account each month, I’ll have to put editing on the back burner. To make up for this, I lowered all of my books to $0.99. Black Alchemy Hero will be the same price.

I know that there are always some grammatical errors in my stories. I’m really sorry about this. I write and edit all day (for my classroom and my novels). Though I’m able to limit a lot of errors, I can’t find every problem within 100,000 words. It’s impossible to do alone. Still, I will always continue to work on producing a solid story.

Speaking of the story, this book is slightly stronger than the first. I’ve decided to work on creating a little “suspense” for the reader. There are more horror movie-like moments. I’m also working to condense the fight scenes and work on building the reader’s anticipation.

Black Alchemy Hunter opens with two heroes from the Barcode Series, so fans should be happy to see some familiar names. Rayne plays a bigger role and characters that you once trusted show their villainous nature.

I’ll supply more updates when I have them.

12 thoughts on “Black Alchemy Hero Quick Update

  1. i guess im the first to reply but im going to be honest 99c is easier for me but I know your books are all i read i actually have read all of them more than once congrats on annother kid and I know you’ll make it through.

    1. Pfft…$0.99 isn’t easier for me. I’m probably going to raise the price again if my sales don’t pick up. I just sold the exact same amount of books this month as last. That means I lost a good amount of money haha. Not much, but enough to make me change to price of these books. I’ll see how December goes, but things may be changing again. Sorry.

      1. no problem but when i write i tend to get bored of some characters and kill them off it’s my ADHD not me XD but i definitely only like your style of writing and as a writer i picked it up it appealed to me

  2. In all honesty i stoped reading for a few years then my friend reccomended the barcode series to me and it was one of the reasons i started reading books again still a little upset about the ending of the first book but i got later on

    1. Glad to hear that you kinda enjoy the series haha. Seriously, thanks for the compliment. I know that people hate Spencer’s death. If you think it’s bad now, you should see how I killed him originally. Man, readers cursed my name. Though killing the main guy sucks, I think that my weird way of writing is what appealed to you in the first place. I’d never claim that Barcode is a great series, but it is something special for fans that want a “different” read. Sometimes I regret the way I wrote it until I read stuff like this, so thanks.

    1. I’ve been waiting too! When I don’t write, the characters in my head go nuts and start bouncing off walls. I have trouble sleeping and get distracted easily. If I could find more time to write, I’d tame my ADD a little better. For now, I’m trying to balance this real life crap with my fiction world. I’m glad you’re enjoying both series so far. I haven’t heard much from people on whether they really like YDH or not, but it’s good to know people are looking for the next book.

  3. That’s totally understandable, life is hectic at times. And as for Yellow Diamond Hunter it was an exciting read, trying to understand how human evolution reverted to alchemy and sorcery.
    seth/leo- soo many hows and whys, but in case there’s anyone who hasn’t read it. I won’t ask.

    1. There’s a very quick explanation in Valerie’s book that Sol reads, but I use some mysterious language intentionally. The translation, she goes to Africa to meet immortals that train her in magic. Valerie is actually the person that shows others to use it. After years of training, she emerges from the ground to discover that the world is plagued with ramanga.

      I’ve been debating on how I could satisfy Barcode readers with a just explanation. Because YDH was originally meant to stand on its own, I never intended to give the history lesson. I may or may not do it in the final book. If I don’t, I’ll try to release a short story that gives history of the years between Kode’s destructive force.

      But to answer your question, technology died because Kode actually killed billions of people. If you recall, anyone that used Vincent’s drug died along with him. Because of this, the world was left with very few survivors. When the ramanga disease was born, the restoring population was killed again.

  4. Aah, o.k. this makes sense… the short story for the Time in between would be awesome. Especially since you dropped a huge bomb about Leo being alive at the end of the barcode series and then again at the end of yellow diamond hunter. I don’t know what you have planned (I’m all for suprises) that universe has so many untold stories it’s rediculous. Like how badass Code ,john and and Dennis in there youth leading up to the revolt with Adrenaline. Leo’s life in the after math… o.k. let me quit. Just know I enjoy your books.

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