Bokanovsky’s Process and Technology

Community, Identity, Stability. That is the driving force behind the Bokanovsky Process. The Bokanovsky Process is a fictional human cloning process in “Brave New World.” It is described in detail in chapter one of the novel. The description is long and drawn out, so I’ll try to simplify it: 96 humans grow where only one grew before.

The Bokanovsky Process is interesting because there are two fundamental parts to it: Hatcheries and Conditioning. The process mainly occurs in the Hatcheries Division–this is where embryos are manufactured, labeled, and predestined. However, I believe that the Bokanovsky Process continues onto the programing of a human being.

In the Conditioning Department, embryos are exposed to excess heat or oxygen deprivation, amongst many other things. The purpose is to make sure that the manufactured humans are programmed or conditioned to have certain traits/habits before they emerge as adults.

When the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning tells his students about this process, he lets them know that human intelligence is unnecessary.

I think that’s an interesting way of looking at life.

The director believes that human intelligence is unneeded because it gets in the way of productivity. In short, there are too many people with too many ideas. There are too many people with hopes and desires. Ultimately, their ideas or desires lead to competition for resources, struggling economies, and discrimination. However, with the Bokanovsky Process, humans lack individual intelligence. Desire is replaced with objectives because they are programmed, conditioned, and trained to have a specific behavior.

I know that my philosophy lesson is getting deep, so I’ll conclude soon.

From afar, this process sounds ignorant and cruel. Embryos are being programmed and trained before their individual wills can take over. It’s wrong, right?

I think it’s wrong, but I can’t see how it’s too different from our present society.

Part One of “America’s Household”: Most children pick up phones before they reach the tender age of one. They engage with hours of online content before four years old. Parents give children phones, tablets, or computers to distract them from ‘whining’ or ‘crying’. Some of the content is educational, but even then, they are exposed to too much technology.

Part Two of “America’s Household”: Parents have become more tech savvy over the years. Because of America’s addiction to technology, parents spend more time glancing at a phone or tablet than they spend with their children. Nowadays, children are more prone to being narcissistic, feeling alone, or having attention disorders, in part, due to the lack of connections that they have with actual human beings.

My conclusions: The Bokanovsky’s Process is present our current society. It is not fictional. Think! Humans are being mass produced to think less and react more to their conditioning. Even before they exit the womb, they are exposed to harsh conditions that keep them below par.

Community, Identity, Stability. The Bokanovsky’s Process is meant to help improve upon these three components of society. Technology (especially social media) aims to do the same thing. Yet, sometimes it seems that our processes and technology create more problems than solutions.

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  1. that opens a new way of thinking about society to me because now that i think about it it’s true!!! By the way I’m excited for the new books but my mind is jumbled around becuase I’m writing 3 at the same time with barely any time to write

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