Bruh…They Graduated

Yes. This is my first time writing in 3 months. Let’s not pretend like I don’t disappear for long stretches.

Why have I been so busy? My babies graduated.

Two years ago, I began teaching English and History at Environmental Charter. (I always pretend like I wasn’t a History teacher because I hate the subject, but that’s another subject). As a 7th grade instructor I endured many challenges–mostly puberty.

Our first year ended in a big success. My students went from averaging a 3rd grade reading level to a 6th. More importantly, I fell in love. I learned to give endlessly to my students–to support their emotional growth and maturation.

Then, we looped together. I became their 8th grade teacher. Whoever wasn’t suffering from puberty before surely joined the others. And those who were already advanced in the practice went Super Saiyan. These numnuts drove me crazy, but stole my heart even more.

Let me say that I had the hardest working group of students that absolutely learned to understand the importance of their identity. They cared for and supported one another. Twas beautiful. I’m happy to say that I led these individuals through the first stage of raging hormones. I endured their anger, passions, loves, hates, and wisdom.

We had a good ride and I cried like a baby when I got home. I miss my knuckleheads.


3 thoughts on “Bruh…They Graduated

  1. This just means that you are in the right profession. There is a delicate balance between love and hate, you seem to have mastered that with your teaching. I am glad that you have grown with your students throughout the years teaching them.

    1. D’awe. Thank you. I have to remember my Twitter password, so I can start chatting with you again. Seriously, I keep creating a new password and keep forgetting it.

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