Bye-Bye Site… You Were A Sexy Monster

Oh Hey! How are you?

You’re visiting my site for the first time, right? No… You think you’ve been here before, but something’s changed. Can you guess what it is?

I’ll give you time.

Oh you’re so swift and you’re correct. Everything’s different. That’s right. Nothing’s here anymore. I thought, who the heck needs to actually have a site nowadays and erased everything.

No… That’s not what happened at all. I actually experimented with my sitemap before hearing a ticking sound. Suddenly, this explosion of deletion occurred and I’m left with nothing.

Sad story. I know.

I had over 1000 views in two months, 90 posts, and a sexy layout… gone.

I could be upset with myself for doing something so stupid, but that wouldn’t be beneficial. Instead, I’m going to make the site more exciting starting tomorrow. I’ll repost the few entries my wife has saved in her email and see where I can go from there.

Come back to see me soon! Hopefully things will be better than they were.

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