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Moving From Writer to Self-Publisher

Becoming an indie author can be a bit scary, but there are plenty of resources on the web to assist with the transition. In short, here are some things you should know: Take your time. Don’t rush the process. Advertise a lot before releasing your novel. Hire a professional cover artist. Get an editor. If you can afford two, even better! Work diligently, and when you think you’re done, re-write it. There are plenty of mistakes to be made when you self-publish your novel for the first time. However, taking…

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Black Microphone Books Interviews 

Interview With Author Tracy Kauffman – My Boyfriend The Squire

Who are you and what makes you  special? I am a new author from North Alabama and love writing for young adults and children. I am a Christian who is trying to make a difference in the world today. I hope to inspire others, educate, and edify others in a positive way. I do not think I am any more special than anyone else trying to write a novel, but I do want to do a service for others. Sell “My Boyfriend the Squire” to us. My Boyfriend the Squire…

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Fey Touched Cover By Erin Zarro Books Interviews 

Erin Zarro – Fey Touched Interview

I’ve seen some beautiful cover art in my days, but uh-oh here’s some gorgeous stuff. Fey Touched is a novel that’s set to release August 1st. Mark your calenders because based on this review, you’ll want to read the story. Interview Who are you? I am Erin Zarro, a poet, novelist, and fine art photographer lving in Michigan. I’m married to a wonderful guy and we have a feline daughter named Hailey who we believe is part vampire. Part Vamp, aye? You sound like a fantasy writer. <–Look at that seamless transition…

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Trade Tareq Hassan Books Interviews 


I was fortunate enough to meet a writer by the name of Tareq Hassan. He’s the author of Trade–a mystery and thriller with so many details and insights to the CIA, you’ll wonder what the author really knows. Tareq was gracious enough to answer a few questions for me about his novel. You can read the interview below. Tell us about your book. Trade is a spy thriller and follows the exploitation by different players of a naive Arab-American during the opening months of the War on Terror. It also…

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