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Rank Your Top 10 Barcode Characters

I enjoyed writing my series for one reason: The characters. At times, I felt like crying with them or their anger boiled in my chest. I supported them fully in their endeavors and hated each villain that opposed them. At the same time, I enjoyed constructing villains with more noble intent than my protagonists. The series was fun to write overall. However, I want to rank the top ten and compare it to your list. Here are my favorite characters in order of least to greatest: Arnold Mishimoto Starting of…

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Barcode: Demon of Gods

If you’re seeing a new post from me, you know what that means. You’ll notice that the description for the book is very short and I haven’t said a word about the plot. There are far too many twists this time. I can’t tell you what this is about, but don’t stop reading. I wrote this one to piss you off. You’re only punishing yourself if you stop early. Amazon Side note: Remember, these are books 5 and 6. Currently, you can only download the book from Amazon. Simon, your…

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Barcode: Demon of Gods Release

You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers. When will DOG release? The book is complete. When did I finish? Five minutes ago. I’m still formatting everything and making sure it’ll load properly on every website, but the editing is done…for the most part. What the hell do you mean for the most part? Let’s talk numbers. LOA was 95,000 words. That’s a damn large novel. You can actually claim to have a novel at 50,000 words. In perspective, Harry Potter’s smallest book was 75k and the largest was 250k. I just…

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Bitter Sweet Tears of Painful Joy – DOG Complete!

See that minion? That’s how I feel whenever I think about the number of pages I have to edit for my final novel, Demon of Gods. I was supposed to finish that damn novel on November first. What happened? When I got to that time, I had 100,000 words, as I should have. However, this damn story stretched far…FAR beyond that. How far? You’d have to enlarge that image to see the exact number, but this badboy says 191,000. Yeah. This novel is currently over twice the length of Barcode:…

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Crazy Week

I began teaching English Language Arts and History this week to 71 seventh graders. Actually, I have reason to believe that there are at least two phantom students, so there may be 73. Now, it would be safe to say that teaching 75 students in two subjects is fairly normal. However, I only have two class periods. That’s right. I have nearly  forty students in each period. (Why is the number constantly increasing? Because that’s what happened to me during the week. I began the first day with 71 and…

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