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Kode Concept Barcode Eyes That Kill Books 

Cover Artists of The Century

I just received another update from one of my cover artists. It seems that Kode’s design is near completion. We still have to find the proper colors and a unique, new design for Shiva, but we’re getting there. My first reaction to her initial design of Kode was, “That’s not him.” After 30 seconds of intensive staring, this is the guy I saw. Barcode: Eyes That Kill is expected to release by the end of spring.

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Bailey Eyes That Kill 2 Books 

First Draft of Editing Complete

I finally finished the first draft of editing in Barcode: Eyes That Kill. It was a challenge. I began with 105,000 words (about 210 MS Word pages). That’s a pretty hefty book. Currently, only Cavern of Youth is comparable in length. However, after editing, I added 20,000 words (50 pages). This is the longest novel yet. The editing was rough! Just being honest. Every time I write, I always try to improve. I consider previous criticisms and try to make adjustments. Not to mention, I do my best to enhance…

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Kode Eyes That Kill 1 Books 

Barcode: Eyes That Kill Sketches

While I’m working hard at editing Barcode: Eyes That Kill, my cover artists are giving me preliminary sketches for the cover designs. We’re fighting to put out a very strong product by May or June. We’ll also have Barcode: Demon of Gods (the final book) ready not long after. For now, I want to show readers the early sketches of Kode and a new “love” interest known as Bailey. These are early, rough sketches, so don’t get too attached. And don’t judge them before seeing the color. Things really step…

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Barcode: New War Order Books 

Barcode: New War Order

How busy have I been with moving, writing a new novel, and studying for exams? So busy that I forgot to announce the latest book in the Barcode Series. Well, here you have it! Late as hell. Barcode: New War Order. I took special pride in writing this novel for many reasons. Let’s list them off in bullet form because it makes crap easier to swim through: Barcode: New War Order changed the way every book I write is formatted This novel finally shows Kode’s weak points The location isn’t…

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Barcode New War Order (NWO) Preview Books 

Barcode: New War Order Cover Art Preview

The cover art for my novel isn’t in just yet, but if you’d like to see how it’s coming along, here’s a little preview. My cover artists never cease to amaze me. We’ve had the most interesting 4 months ever. None of us have gotten the work done that we said we would in the predicted time, which is great because it means we all run on the same frequency. I’m currently hashing out the last few edits. For those caught up with the story, Barcode: New War Order will…

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hopping-bunny Books 

My Next Big Thing

A good friend, Kiersi, suggested this blog hop. I’ll participate because I haven’t been blogging much lately. Finally, some inspiration! 1. What is the working title of your book? Currently, my next novel is Barcode: New War Order. 2. Where did the idea come from for the book? My wife and I had this discussion yesterday. I think New War Order came from me seeing an old school wrestling match with New World Order, and I thought, “Let’s make a novel about that.” NOT WRESTLING. I mean the concept of…

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Barcode Legend of Apollo Fan Art Books 

First Barcode Fan Art

I wanted to share this the very second I acquired it, but I had to wait to receive permission for the artist. Here’s the first fan art for my novel, Barcode: Legend of Apollo. It’s pretty amazing has a great twist to it. I love the style and the personality behind the characters. It’s very accurate. Leave your opinion and let me know what you think. If you’re interested in more art from Mars, visit his website. He’s an incredible graphic design artist.  

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Black Microphone Books Interviews 

Interview With Author Tracy Kauffman – My Boyfriend The Squire

Who are you and what makes you  special? I am a new author from North Alabama and love writing for young adults and children. I am a Christian who is trying to make a difference in the world today. I hope to inspire others, educate, and edify others in a positive way. I do not think I am any more special than anyone else trying to write a novel, but I do want to do a service for others. Sell “My Boyfriend the Squire” to us. My Boyfriend the Squire…

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Fey Touched Cover By Erin Zarro Books Interviews 

Erin Zarro – Fey Touched Interview

I’ve seen some beautiful cover art in my days, but uh-oh here’s some gorgeous stuff. Fey Touched is a novel that’s set to release August 1st. Mark your calenders because based on this review, you’ll want to read the story. Interview Who are you? I am Erin Zarro, a poet, novelist, and fine art photographer lving in Michigan. I’m married to a wonderful guy and we have a feline daughter named Hailey who we believe is part vampire. Part Vamp, aye? You sound like a fantasy writer. <–Look at that seamless transition…

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Twitter Baby Books 

Guest Post – The Independent Author’s Guide to Self-Promotion

Advertising is hard. I don’t know how the guys on Mad Men do it. I had to jump right in it with both feet because I had little choice. I’m an indie author. I exemplify “independent” in every possible way. I have no agent, no publicist, no major publshing house behind me doing the heavy lifting so I can focus on nothing but writing. All I have are some close friends and family reading each chapter as I finish them. They call me on mistakes and try to poke holes…

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