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Trump on Education

Trump Appoints Donald Trump will likely choose Betsy DeVos to be his education secretary. Of course, people are losing their minds. In fact, most of my friends go crazy whenever Trump adds someone to his cabinet. For me, DeVos is another reason to shrug my shoulders. She’s the new person that will throw money into education, showing no concern for our future or our youth. I Give No Cares Things weren’t going to change under Hilary. And I know this might not be the popular thing to say, but our…

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Reality and Expectations in Education

I think I’m starting to hate being a teacher, and my hatred didn’t spawn from some unknown underworld¬†without warning. Nope. This has been a long time coming. I’ve worked in more schools than the average teacher (with my limited experience): Two elementary schools Two middle schools One high school. Positions I’ve held: School teacher Teacher’s aid Library assistant Tutor Computer instructor History teacher English teacher I’ve done pretty much everything shy of administration, though I’ve taken on some administrative roles at a few charters. With my experience, I’ve come to…

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