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20161126_191905 Life 

People Let Me Tell You Bout My Best Friend

Best Friend I never thought that I would be friends with a two year old. I didn’t even know what that could possibly look like until recently. When I was younger, my dad would always refer to me as his best friend. I thought, “Creeper.” That didn’t make any sense to me. You had to be pretty lonely to have a kid as your best friend. Clearly our relationship was one sided [evil laugh]. Actually, my dad was pretty cool. We hung out and talked regularly. He was a very…

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thematrix Life 

Welcome to the Matrix

You are in The Matrix. I’m not even talking about a hypothetical or metaphorical sense. I’m literally referring to the movie, The Matrix. You are in The Matrix, whether you accept this truth or not depends entirely on you, but let me help with your awareness of your surroundings. The Matrix contains two “realities.” One is, in fact, a dream world. In this world, machines use your energy to survive or thrive. Neo, or President Obama, has been perceived as The One. People believed that he would bring about a…

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superpower Life 

If I Had Superpowers

There’s an age old question that goes: If you had superpowers, what would it be? Bruh. That’s a near impossible question to answer with certainty. In order to go about breaking down this question, I’d have to choose between my top three superpowers. Time Control Teleportation Mind Control From here, I’ve considered the pros and cons of each. Time Control Pros The ability to “do over.” Eternal life (if my powers advance far enough) The ability to protect anyone at any time. Wealth. Cons Unwillingness to experience life “as is.” Perfectionist…

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prayforyou Life 

I’ll Pray For You

You ever have someone say they’ll pray for you and you wonder…why? Over the past few years, I can’t recall how many times someone has said that they’ll pray for me. Probably zero. However, most recently, my wife and I told our family that we’re planning to move out of the country. Lord. Have. Mercy. Prayers fell from the heavens after this announcement. I mean, I’m shocked people didn’t break their knees with the amount of praying that they committed to. My wife recently has a conversation with one of these pray-ers….

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2016-04-03 19.57.50 Life 

The Best Part of Daddyhood

Daddyhood Words can’t explain the best parts of being a dad. (Even our expansive language is limited when it comes to something so expansive). But if I had to pinpoint one thing that really makes parenting great, I’d have to say something like: Daddyhood is complex sport. It’s being both a spectator and a player in the most complicated game in the world. As a spectator, I watch my child grow from a seed to a flower. As a player, I’m right beside him, participating in the National Life Association League…

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Long Time No Internet

So I haven’t visited my own site for quite some time. I actually forget that it exists at times. Then, I have little stalker children in my life that remind me. I don’t have much to write about. That’s a lie. Actually, I have enough to write a short story, but I have little time to write it. I just thought I’d leave a few updates for anyone who still visits this ancient relic of a website. Big Title: Updates I learned to fly. Another lie. But if Peter Pan…

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Sharing Culture

A simple ‘truth’ just hit me with incredible weight. I just realized that my son may be raised in the middle class. This means that he and I will have different cultures and probably struggle to relate to each other. Most people may think, so what? Isn’t that a good thing? I can’t say that it is. I grew up somewhere between the working class and the working poor. My parents had stable jobs, but we always lived paycheck to paycheck, and they pulled a lot of payday loans to…

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drawing on paper by Laurie Lipton Life 

Bokanovsky’s Process and Technology

Community, Identity, Stability. That is the driving force behind the Bokanovsky Process. The Bokanovsky Process is a fictional human cloning process in “Brave New World.” It is described in detail in chapter one of the novel. The description is long and drawn out, so I’ll try to simplify it: 96 humans grow where only one grew before. The Bokanovsky Process is interesting because there are two fundamental parts to it: Hatcheries and Conditioning. The process mainly occurs in the Hatcheries Division–this is where embryos are manufactured, labeled, and predestined. However,…

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tylenol-infants-syringe1 Life 

Tylenol Shots

My little man had his 12 month checkup on Friday. The doctor asked if I was okay giving him all 6 vaccines at once. My reaction: I said he could have three of the six shots and we’d return for the other demonic potions at the end of the month. Smart move, right? [Clears throat] My son had a fever the next day. He also woke up with one this morning. Being the idiot that I am, I let him eat from my plate. With just four bites of an…

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graduated Life 

Bruh…They Graduated

Yes. This is my first time writing in 3 months. Let’s not pretend like I don’t disappear for long stretches. Why have I been so busy? My babies graduated. Two years ago, I began teaching English and History at Environmental Charter. (I always pretend like I wasn’t a History teacher because I hate the subject, but that’s another subject). As a 7th grade instructor I endured many challenges–mostly puberty. Our first year ended in a big success. My students went from averaging a 3rd grade reading level to a 6th….

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