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Next Big Brand – Wreck It Ralph

Learning to create a brand can be difficult, but Wreck It Ralph is on the the path for success. First, I want to say that my wife and I will be in the theaters on the weekend of its release. We won’t be late. We will have snacks. And yes, watch it when all the  loud kids are asleep (morning time). Back to the topic: Wreck It Ralph has already branded itself. There’s no work to be done here. This franchise will have a Part 2 and 3. I’m almost…

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Alex Cross

If you’ve heard the name before, then you’ll be excited to know that Alex Cross has returned to the big screen. Oh wait. He’s being played by Tyler Perry. Uh…shit. Yeah. It’s that bad. Alex Cross is a criminal psychologist fictional character written by James Patterson. The success of the novel speaks for itself. There are three films about it (Kiss the Girl, Along Came the Spider, and Alex Cross). The first two movies are played by Morgan Freeman, but somehow we’ve downgraded to Tyler Perry. Don’t get me wrong,…

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TAKEN 2 Movies 

Taken 2

My original reaction to hearing about the release of Taken 2 was :/ Sorry I can’t describe it in words, but that face does an excellent job. Though I was quite “meh” about the idea, I realized that this is great for writers to understand the concept of branding. It’s the same reason that Pixar stopped making new movies for a short period of time. (Yes we just shifted from Taken to Toy Story, but stick with me). When Pixar was bought by Disney, Disney decided to concentrate on branding….

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