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hatejob Writing 

You Make Me Hate My Job

I’m just going to vent via words… Professionalism is swiftly becoming a thing of the past. I’m noticing more women unaware of what appropriate work attire looks like (leggings, low cut shirts, tight fitting clothing, etc.) I’m noticing more men unaware of what appropriate work attire looks like (no tie, no collared shirts, large clothing, etc.) I don’t mind it. Once upon a time, lack of professionalism pissed me off, but I’m beginning to embrace it. I just want this “structure” to completely collapse, so things get absolutely ridiculous. I want…

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An image of a religion concept - Questioning the truth
** Note: Shallow depth of field Writing 

Black Alchemy Hunter – Truth

The Yellow Diamond Hunter series was meant to have a lot of comedy. I don’t know where I lost that along the way. This chapter was my intent to really bring back the comedy. Yet again, I chose a more “cheesy superhero” route, which I don’t particularly enjoy. I’d probably sell a lot more books and make more money, but I just don’t care for this style too much. It’s way too predictable in my eyes. I’ve taken a more organic route recently. Just two days ago, I wrote Chapter…

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keepwriting Writing 

Keep Writing

So, I have a friend. He send a simple message recently: Keep writing. When I logged onto my website, I realized, “Dear sweet mother of all that is holy and sacred, I haven’t written for my blog in five months.” I have excuses. Legit ones too. I had another kid. A boy. He’s adorbs. I have also just been super stressed out by everything that happening in the media most recently. My dear friend made note of that craziness in an email, so he knows I’m losing my sanity. (Thanks for…

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chivalry Writing 

The Oppressive Nature of Chivalry

My dad never called it chivalry, but we always opened doors for women and stepped to the side of an elevator when ladies were behind us. And he didn’t teach it to me regularly. It was something that blindsided me. I was still in elementary and suddenly my dad was teaching me this foreign concept: “they” were different from “us.” Most of what I learned about chivalry was inactive. Pops told me once or twice that ladies should enter first, but I never knew why. It was just what a…

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toomuch Writing 

How Much Is Too Much

How much is too much writing? I recently learned about an author that publishes a new book every other month. That is quite incredible. I struggle publishing two per year, and this guy claims that he can make six. Awesome. I commend this writer, but it wouldn’t work for me. My writing style requires a lot of editing. And I mean a lot! I generally write stories in two months and edit them in four or five. During this process, I find ways to make unique connections and change the story…

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Yellow Diamond Hunter Cover Writing 

Yellow Diamond Hunter Cover Reveal

I can’t believe that I haven’t done this yet, but the cover is here for Yellow Diamond Hunter. Actually, I’ve had it for over a week now. I’m really excited about this cover. It’s not the anime style that many of you have grown accustom to. I actually hate that it isn’t. I wish that I could give it that anime feel, but when I consider my career, I have to think about what appeals to a larger audience. That being said, my cover artist, Glynnis Koike, never disappoints. She…

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2 Story_0 Life Writing 

Two Sides to a Story

It’s amazing how two people can tell one story differently. An elementary student views a teacher’s criticism as embarrassing. To be reprimanded in front of their friends can seem like the end of their world. But the teacher can view that moment as an opportunity for growth. A husband can kiss his wife goodnight to express his love. The wife can think he has an ulterior motive. “He wants something.” A guy can think that he finally made love to his girl. The girl can feel that she was raped. There…

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Mind Fart Writing 

Mind Fart

I just wrote an email about mind farts. That’s when a writer’s mind gets gassy. They can’t think of anything to jot down on paper. I’m not saying that I never draw a blank when writing, but I rarely allow it to prevent me from producing something. Mind farts are all about how much you are afraid to fail. If you fear the work that you will produce, you will never write anything worthwhile. Being an author is all about taking risks. Sometimes, you just need to experiment with the…

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IMG_1204 Life Writing 

What You Value

Values. They’re tricky little monsters. In the past, I valued sleep. Independence. Growth. Maturation. And an enhancement in my own skills–teaching and writing. After my son was born, I found those values shifting. Now, I value collaboration. Time. And laughter. Growth and maturation are two things I could never give up, but I try to find a balance. I don’t dedicate my life to writing for hours. I also dropped a nasty habit of researching. Google has been my friend for years, but we’re spending a lot less time together. When…

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Joker Sublteties Writing 

Subtleties in Writing or Subtle Writing

Acting is all about subtleties. With the joker, it isn’t just about what he says, but how. Don’t focus on his lips, which are amazingly creepy. Look at his eyebrows at the end. Check the headshake. Most book to film adaptations do not “feel” right because most films cannot capture the tremendous emotion in novels within two hours. However, most great films, like the Dark Knight series, never become books because you cannot capture the subtleties in actors like Heath Ledger. But you can try. When writing, it is important…

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