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Stating-the-obvious Writing 

Stop Stating The Obvious

Here’s a real general rule for all writers. By writers I mean authors, Facebookers, Tweeters, and bloggers. All of you: Stop stating the obvious! What does that mean? Well, if you want people to think you’re a great writer or a decent person, don’t point out every little thing. Just a minute ago, I checked on some friends’ sites and I saw, “Awe, aren’t we cute!” It wasn’t those exact words and it was a specific situation, but it happens so often. People use social media to publicize their narcissism and authors…

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thumbs-down Writing 

Thinking About That First Bad Review

I know people say that we shouldn’t focus on the negative, but that’s what I do. I’m the type of person that looks at what’s all bad in life, all the time. I’m my biggest critic, for now, but I know that there are some reviewers out there that actually believe they poop gold. The crap they spill for reviews often makes a great novel look like crap and a crappy novel look like greatness. For example, I hate the Hunger Games but it has some awesome reviews. I wouldn’t…

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sexedu2 Writing 

Should Sex Be Allowed In YA Books?

Author friends and I have discussed this topic intensively in a writing forum. One issue that we’ve come across are YA authors adding sex into their novels. I personally don’t mind sex in any novel, but I hate that the authors still consider their work YA. The reason they do this is because YA is a very popular genre. Instead of placing their novel under the proper tag–which young adults still read, such as romance, action, and adventure–they place their filth in YA. This genre includes ages 13-19. 13 year…

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Sharecropping Writing 

Let’s Talk Black: Authors And Typecasting

I don’t read novels much. I prefer to learn what’s going on in society more than sitting down with a book. The articles and novels I read are both forms of fiction, but in different ways. Fiction novels, like fantasies, create entire worlds with powers and gifts, but they’re still based in reality. Characters think like humans, have real emotional problems, or there’s societal issues that need to be addressed. In journalism, the problems are real, but newscasters are infamous for manipulating the truth to sound more interesting. Fox Network…

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Mediocrity Writing 

Not Giving Up But Not Getting Anywhere

This morning, I read a very interesting post about procrastination by Rob McClellan. To summarize, Rob suffers from procrastination. More interestingly, he sees a root cause, fear of failing. I love blogs that are about brutal honesty. The best way to point out a flaw in society is to start with our own world, the one we can manipulate and control. Though I don’t suffer from procrastination, Rob mentions something that I can understand completely, fear of mediocrity. If there’s one thing on this world that scares the hell out of…

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1297385786_Saint_Valentines_Day_Broken_Heart_013149_ Writing 

Why Are All Love Stories The Same?

I tried writing about how love is unique to each person and how authors should capture that, but I can’t. It’s not true. Sure, the way you experience something is unique, only you can feel certain emotions. But other than that, there’s really no difference in the ways we fall in love. Love first involves vulnerability: You ever make that phone call to your special someone? You either want to confess to them right now or ask them on a date tomorrow to express your feelings. The reason you’re so…

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imgres Writing 

The Cool

I’m a nerd by choice. I love science and technology. I read random articles on the state of the economy and MJ telling Kobe that he’s still the man, but Kobe’s not far off. Manga and I are best buds. Plus, I talk about Hip-Hop with friends as though it were a collegiate discussion. Nerd. Though I’m known to sound like a dork occasionally, I still know how to sound “natural.” Let me take it a step further to offend some people, I can sound normal. Why’d I have to…

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photo Writing 

Guest Blog: The Birth of LyfesLyrics

A friend did me the grand favor of posting on my site, but I lost everything! Luckily, I rarely delete emails. Here’s the repost of Lia’s miniature biography in writing. — Thank you Kashif for this guest blog opportunity. I initially started blogging to vent about my daily happenings. I have wanted to say a lot of things about many things, but I lacked the courage to do so as openly as I do now. As a young girl, I found myself journaling to express my emotions and feelings. I…

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Invader_ZIM__Evil_Laugh_by_amber808 Writing 

Character Growth Versus Character Rot

How often do you find yourself looking for interesting characters in novels? We all look for something interesting to read… I assume you enjoy reading if you’re checking out a random blog such as this. The best stories show character growth. There’s a plot somewhere in the heap of mess you’re reading and the character eventually becomes this sexy piece of nom nom at the end. Characters are supposed to develop courage, discipline, hope, and/or skills. They should start off with little information until it builds and they’re ready to fight…

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teen-writing Writing 

Why Not Write YA?

For those that don’t know, YA stands for Young Adult. It’s a category for novels. It took me some time to figure out how to differentiate between YA and adult. Here’s a simple break down: YA = Character ages 17 or below & no sex Adult = Character ages 18 and above & sex There are plenty of factors that split the difference, but those two narrow the playing fields for me. My novel, Barcode: The Legend of Apollo, is not YA. Why not? Nudity and intimacy. Why don’t I…

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