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The Makeup of Women

Malcolm Gladwell says that mastery in your specific field requires 10,000 hours of practice. I’ve practiced creative writing since I was in 8th grade, but I’m far from mastery. Still, as I continue to grow, I learn more about women. In writing, especially film, women are made to fit a certain mold. Even if a woman is in a role of power, she is placed into certain categories. A little box. She is┬ástereotyped. First and foremost, she must be sexy. Lastly, she cannot have too much power. All women in…

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The Next Book and Series

After reaching 30,000 and 40,000 words respectively, I have finally stumbled across the proper formula for the next series. The working title of the next books was Exodus, but I decided to change that to World Above The Shadows. And the first title will be Sol of Ruby. Below, I’m going to list the plot summary for Sol of Ruby without giving too much away. The intent is to kill two birds with one stone. My cover artists need something clear that they can work around and I’m teaching Creative…

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Divergent Writing 

Plot and Divergent

I recently read Divergent, so I could have a conversation starter with one of my students. She tracked me down after the three day weekend to ask about my opinion of the reading. Honestly, I enjoyed it. I think Veronica Roth is a very solid storyteller. She does something that I want my students to learn. She uses simplicity. The story is super basic. There are no bells and whistles. Because almost everyone knows what this story is about, I’ll try to summarize in a short, sweet, and unique way….

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New Writing Technique

I’m growing up to be a big boy. Yeah. I’m still 5’6, but I’ve matured as a writer. Last week, I sat down to write a plot outline. Gasp! I know. Me writing an outline? In the past, I used more character centered text that would allow protagonists to drive the story in various ways. This style appeals to people who read anime, but it will not lend to a best seller. Not easily at least. Here are the pros to writing a character centered story: All characters have backstories…

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Write a Novel. Complete a Novel

Somehow, I always manage to come across someone’s novel writing advice. Either it falls into my internet lap, or I search for it when I’m bored. Either way, I see the advice of others and think it’s absolute crap. Are you considering writing a novel? Then, why are you researching how it’s done? Writing a novel is all about gaining experience. Before I researched how to write over 50,000 words, I just sat down and wrote. I did this again, year after year, for two years straight. I believe I…

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Starting The Next Series

I got bored a few weeks back and decided to start the next series, Exxodus. That’s still the working title of the series, but the novel will be entitled World Above The Shadows. The story is about a boy named Sol who believes that he is a real mage. He does indeed have a history with magic, but his memory is somewhat faulty because of experimental drugs that he’s been taking. Eventually, he discovers his original home on a floating country known as Motherland. When he discovers that the world…

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The Writing Process

Man, there’s a lot going on in my life. Most of those things are great, but they occupy a lot of time. I often come home feeling somewhat drained and wondering what force evaporated my energy. But I try going to work with at least enough energy to share with others. Quite a few times, I’ve made it to the end of the day with my muscles aching from the absence of sleep and the constant running. But it’s much better than the times I sat in front of a…

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Phew! I’m back. You probably didn’t notice I was gone, but don’t worry…I forgive you. I’ve been in training for the past 5 weeks. I’m on my way to becoming an English/History teacher for 7th grade. Somehow, my training for this position averaged 15 hours per day. By the time I made it home I only had enough time to draw more lesson plans and sleep. What does this freetime mean? I’ll probably post a few vlogs of my experience over the past few weeks. Also, for any Apple Store…

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LeBrons and Jordans

Recently, I made a comment to someone. It’s difficult to describe in context, so let me summarize: Person A made a general comment, such as, “In order to be successful, you must create an emotional bond with your clients.” I responded, “That’s not true. I know a very successful leader that used respect and rule enforcement to guide his followers. Person B added, “That may be so, but how many LeBrons and Jordans are there in the world?” Person B is who I’d like to discuss. Though the gentleman is…

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Barcode Series Writing 

Final Book Of A Series

I learned a valuable lesson when writing a five book series: Don’t do it again. Though I love writing the Barcode series and I’m getting more fans every day, I’m dreading this last novel. Why? Pressure. The first four books of the series are very emotional novels. They use complex characters to draw the reader in. I also use tragic events to give the antagonists motivation for blood. Well, eventually all of that has to die down. I’ve decided to avoid the emotional appeal to give the readers a break….

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