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url Writing 

The Trolls

I’ve learned a lot about Internet trolls since I began writing. Fortunately, I haven’t had any serious interactions with them. (A few reviews, but nothing serious). Recently, I learned about a site that rips on various products that aren’t worth buying. This guy finds the worst products he can and makes hilarious posts about them. Consequently, the people who view his blog often purchase the products. Maybe they want a good laugh or they sample the products and want to disagree. Whatever it is, this troll’s blog actually helps struggling…

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Happy Valentine's Day Writing 

Happy Valentine’s Day – Writing About Love

I thought I’d start off by saying, Happy Valentine’s day you sexy, sexy beast you. Whether you have someone to share this holiday with or not, just remember to enjoy the love. You don’t have to be in a relationship to make someone’s day. Take candy to work for everyone or wear a sign that says, “Free hugs.” Just make someone smile because we all have reasons to be depressed. About Love You may find it difficult to write love in your story. I’m not sure how some people manage…

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Price Writing 

Kindle Book Prices: Free, $0.99, or $2.99

There are more serious issues to write about other than Kindle eBook prices. I could seriously begin a discussion about which color shirt I should wear on my first day of work. For now, I’ll help you price your novel. Free Price your novel at free for any or all of these reasons: You’re a new author that needs exposure versus money in your pocket The novel is not professionally edited The novel is less than 70,000 words This is the first book to a series and you want to…

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Super Saiyan Writing 

Writing From Experience

Too many writers use the experience of characters from other novels and films to develop their characters. That’s why imagination is relatively low nowadays. Characters are often one dimensional because the writer doesn’t know how to convey something they’ve never experienced. With that being said, I find it very difficult to write fantasy novels. I love writing from experience,which is why most of my novels have romance in them. It’s also why I use harems and love triangles *wink*. However, I struggle relaying the true challenges of a superhuman and/or…

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Lies Writing 

How To Get People To Your Website

Damn you. You know who I’m talking about. You leave stupid posts on Facebook and Twitter that attempt to deceive me. They may look like this: You won’t believe what I have here: [link] Click this [link] to find out more about feeding your mind This is the best thing since sliced bread: [link] I came – [link] This [link] is sexy You know where those links lead me? Copies of someone’s novel.* Son of a &^%^&! Why? Why are your underhanded methods even used? Haven’t you taken any BASIC…

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Free Books Writing 

Selling Big in Amazon Kindle Store

When it comes to selling eBooks in Amazon’s Free books section, people think that it’s quite simple. Either you’re ignorant or you’re intentionally being disrespectful when you claim, “I don’t want to give my book away for free.” Give? Hah! You can’t give your book away for free on Amazon. People have to want it. They have to go through the same steps they use to buy any item on Amazon. You’re not giving shit away. You’re selling it without receiving a profit. How do you sell your book on…

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Black Ranger Writing 

Finding Your Skill(s)

It’s easy to say, “I have no skills.” I almost think it’s natural. If you’re a humble human being, you may not look at yourself as the best or brightest, but you have to know your strengths and abilities. Finding or recognizing those strengths can be a journey in itself. When I was a kid, I thought of stories all day long. Once Mighty Morphin Power Rangers went off, I would mentally clothe myself in the Black Ranger’s uniform. Then, I’d throw my best attempt at a round house kick….

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Sales Pitch Writing 

Selling Books Isn’t Easy

When I worked at a real estate office as an administrative assistant (a suicide worthy job) I knew a guy that did his best to deliver daily quotes that would linger in your mind. He was the type of person that intentionally said something witty to impress you. For example: “Morning, Dave!” “Morning, Kash.” “How’s it going?” “You know! I can’t complain and it probably wouldn’t do any good if I did.” I can honestly tell he lived by his philosophies. He wasn’t the type to complain without looking for…

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Mario Powerups Writing 

One Up Barcode: Eyes That Kill

I just finished Barcode: Eyes That Kill for the second time. I actually participated in NaNoWriMo last year and wrote ETK in two or three weeks. Once I was done, I finished editing Barcode: New War Order. Though I loved the story in ETK, I knew I could write something better. When I learned character design, my instructor taught me the concept of “One Up.” It’s just what it sounds like. You take your original work and make it better. With the One Up concept in mind, I wrote a…

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Frequency Flow Writing 

The Flow of Writing

Writing is about flow. Everything in life has a frequency and writing is no different. Have you ever driven behind someone on the freeway and noticed their speed increase and decrease? Have you payed attention to the way cars drift left to right ever so slightly? What about the way your emotions are stable one day but the weight of the world gets you the next? That’s life. A frequency of ups and downs. I’ve discovered my writing flow. Knowing my ups and downs allows me to maximize my potential…

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